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Age of Warscape: Origins (AoWSO) is a story or set of stories that is set in the time before The Great War had begun. Its purpose is to explain the backstory of the game, the characters, and all events. The novel is being written, and is expected to be released before Age of Warscape is in Alpha stage. It will be downloadable for all register AoWS users for free when it is released.

Currently, there are two adaptions of Origins: A text version and a graphic novel version. The graphic novel version is heavily based off of the text version, with most details included and interpreted into images. The text version is split into different stories.

Finished and Released Stories

While the Graphic Novel is unfinished and unreleased, there are multiple text stories that have been finished, released, and downloadable on the website.
Arbitus - The story regarding the origins of King Earnet, all leading up to the formation of The Arbiters. This story was written by ILMX Prime.
Tale of the Wise - A short story about a young Orc who has little fighting experience and must use his intelligence to fight off a Livingwood attack. This story was written by Richard Chatell.