Age of Warscape Wiki

In order to keep the Age of Warscape Wiki clean and spam-free, we have put up some rules that all members are required to follow when creating, editing, and uploading content to our wiki.

General Rules

  • Due to this wiki being a part of the Age of Warscape Network, all users must abide to the Age of Warscape Network Rules, EULA, and Privacy Policy.
  • Do not vandalize anything. This is a simple rule.
  • Do not spam. This includes posting non-relevant content, chain messages, and/or scams on articles, user walls, or discussions.
  • Do not harass/bully other users.
  • Do not advertise, everybody knows this.
  • No explicit sexual material or gore. Seriously, we do not want your sexual or gory crap here.
  • Certain swearing is allowed, but do not swear excessively.
    • This includes words like "damn", "shit", and "hell".
    • If you are to swear, it should not be used to attack a user or anything. Swearing should only be used to emphasize something. (Saying stuff like "This is a shit game" or "that user is a piece of shit" is an example of what is not allowed. Seriously, be mature).
    • Unless you are quoting a character, using profane language in articles is not allowed.
  • Do not give out warnings if you are not an admin or content moderator. Let us deal with that.
  • Do not pretend to be a staff member of the wiki or ILMXStudios. We know who are a part of us, and will find out. This includes pretending to know inside information, "mini modding" (some cases of this can be acceptable), giving out warnings, etc. Let us do our job..

Uploading Files

  • Do not upload anything that is not going to be used in an article. We do not need to have a cluttered wiki.
    • This includes fanart. Only official stuff goes here; such as game screenshots, concept art, and developer-created artwork.
  • Do not upload duplicates. If the file already exists, do not upload another one.
  • Do not post anything unrelated to Age of Warscape. Seriously, we do not want any "Minecraft" or "Team Fortress 2" stuff in an Age of Warscape wiki..
  • Do not post anything with low-quality. Grainy images are acceptable, but not too grainy.


  • Read the entire article before making an edit.
  • Try to include a summary of your edit. This helps us tell what you have changed.
  • If you made a small, very minor edit, please check the "Minor edit" box.
  • Please be accurate, and stick to the canon. If you are not too sure, look at other articles first.
  • Write objectively.
    • Use "player" or "user" instead of "you".
      • Keep in mind that the player's name will always be different from yours. Do not put your character's name on an article.
  • Unless you are quoting a character, do not include profane language/insults (e.g. Stupid, Idiot) in an article. It makes it look unprofessional and will be marked for deletion or cleanup.
  • Write in a narrator's Point-Of-View, and write partially-omnisciently.
  • Try to be consistent when writing. Such as if you use "AoWS" in replacement of "Age of Warscape" somewhere, be sure to use "AoWS" in replacement everywhere else in the article.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar. Age of Warscape has a lot of long, confusing words. If you are not sure how to spell something, look at other articles!
    • Also be sure to not mix up your participles. Stay consistent!
  • Write in English only.
    • Exception is if you are quoting a character who is speaking a different language. In this case, include a translation (if possible).
  • Do not be repetitive. Using some words constantly can get annoying and looks unprofessional.
  • Do not add speculation and/or theories. If it isn't part of the lore or canon, do not put it on an article.
    • Some exceptions can be made, with admin permission.
  • Do not create any articles unrelated to Age of Warscape.
  • Do not create/add any fanmade material. Only 100% official Age of Warscape content.
  • Do not add unnecessary categories to pages. Keep the categories nice and tidy.
  • Do not add unnecessary images to pages.