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Arbiter Symbol.png Chieftain Rhanakhed
Real Name
Sla'zar Rhanakhed
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Red/Orange (sclera)
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Political Information
The Arbiters
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by

Chieftain Sla'zar Rhanakhed is a Jin'tulu male who serves as the 7th and current chieftain of the Jin'tulu race. He is a secondary protagonist in The Arbiters storylines, a secondary antagonist in 2nd Legion storylines, and an overall major character in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. He is a powerful cheiftain, using unique combat moves not seen in any other Jin'tulu, and a highly-skilled Strategist. He is allied with The Arbiters, and one of the leading members of the faction.

Rhanakhed's voice actor is currently unannounced.


Sla'zar has always been an aggressive fighter since he was a child. He used to join his father in hunting parties, and was taught many fighting techniques by fellow Jin'tulu. One day, his father died from illness, and left Sla'zar alone. He began to teach himself new techniques and new battle moves, which helped him become a brilliant strategist. Years pass, and the time where Jin'tulu fight to decide their chieftain rolls around, and Sla'zar enters the competition. He uses his self-taught strategies and battle moves, and won the fight against the current Jin'tulu Cheiftain. Sla'zar was then declared the new Chieftain of the Jin'tulu race.

More years pass, and whenever the time to fight for the Chieftain title came around, Sla'zar would win them with his strategies and battle moves. That is, until the Humans moved to Gaderon. The Jin'tulu watched them build up their civilizations, and encouraged Sla'zar to send them a peace offering. He complied, sent the offering, and the Humans accepted it. More time passes, and Earnet, King Ron's son, rises to the throne. Sla'zar and Earnet eventually meet, and begin to get along quite well. The two form a mutual friendship, causing the two races to become close allies.

When the First War of Gaderon came around, Sla'zar and the Jin'tulu became a war ally of the Humans, and remained their ally when the Great War began and The Arbiters was established.


Rhanakhed is a tall, brutish Jin'tulu with defining, elderly features. His armour, despite being sturdy and well-constructed, is old, worn, and scratched. He also wears a golden helmet-like piece on his head, along with fake horns and a loincloth-like piece emblazoned with the Jin'tulu emblem.

The Chieftain has pale-green scales, some being worn and crippled. He also has grey hairs above his eyes, forming eyebrows, and on his chin, acting as a beard. He also has a large scar across his left eye. Rhanakhed has worn finger and toenails, and a thin, slightly-damaged tail. His snout is also long, yet narrow, and has a long tooth protruding from the mouth.

He is often seen with a large, spear-like staff, which acts as his weapon-of-choice.


Rhanakhed is noticeably aggressive, especially when it comes to fighting. He likes to strategize before a battle, and to ensure that his strategy will lead to victory. He typically gets along with allies. Rhanakhed is occasionally depicted to be slightly senile, as well, and having constant memory-loss. Whenever somebody points out his old age, he often loses his temper.



Chieftain of the Jin'tulu