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The Deadwood Terror
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Age of Warscape: Origins
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Haven't you been told not to make deals with the Devil?


Cro'zak is a large demon-like entity resembling a scarecrow. He haunts the Deadwood Forest and its surround areas, taking the corpses of those he slays and turning them into his minions, the Corpse Walkers.

Players first encounter him after entering the Deadwood and accepting the starting quest, at which point players are subject to hallucinations and fear effects. Cro'zak torments the player and their allies during a long quest line throughout the areas surround the Deadwood Forest. Players fight him as a final boss of a raid based in the Heart of Deadwood. His large stature, demonic abilitlies, and massive scythe make him exceptionally hard to beat.


Cro'zak originated from a foolish summoner trying to summon him as a minion. Soon after the summoning, the summoner was found headless in the middle of a corn field. Cro'zak fled into the nearby forest, and with his mere presence, he began to corrupt it. Eventually, the once lively forest became what is now known as the Deadwood Forest, a haunted wasteland of what it once was.

Cro'zak also appears shortly in Age of Warscape: Origins, during which readers learn more about his personality and story.


Cro'zak is a cruel and immoral creature. He plays on the fears and doubts of his victims, tormenting them for his own entertainment.

He has been known to makes deals with his victims, trading their life for a favor. Due to Corpse Walkers lacking things such as agility or stealth, he uses living pawns as a way to induce fear outside of his boundaries. Many crimes have been linked to those he makes deals with. However, Cro'zak doesn't always honor these deals, and slays the victim once the deed is done.



  • Cro'zak's original name, Burlac, was a play on the word "Burlap", which was a material commonly used to make the bags that served as the head of generic scarecrows
  • Cro'zak's original title was the Timberwood Terror, until a slight change to the lore corrected it to the "Deadwood Terror"