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Dark Elf
Dark Lord Rezix
2nd Legion
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Life Span
165 years

The Dark Elf race (plural Dark Elves; collectively Dark Elven; abbr. Delf/Delves) is a primary species appearing in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. They are one of the ten dominant species on Uloff, and are common in northern Moridahn. As former Elves that were corrupted years ago, the Dark Elves take on rogue-like behaviours and are often hunters and mercenaries. They are currently led by Dark Lord Rezix, the former husband of Lady Eletha and king of the Elves. The Dark Elf race is allied with the 2nd Legion, and is a playable species in the faction.


The Dark Elf emblem, which is an inverted version of the Elf emblem

Centuries before the Great War began, the Elven race had been in a long, 1,000 year sleep. Some Elves began to awake earlier than the others, which began to corrupt them into taller, darker versions. One of the Elven monarchs, Rezix, was also included in the group of early-waking Elves. He and the others knew that the rest of the Elves would be angered by them awaking early, and decided to run away before the others awoke. They soon became known as "Dark Elves", due to their darker, yet Elven appearance.

Over the years, the Dark Elves expanded their race and built massive cities. During their expansion, they had encountered the Jaar race. Finding them to their splendor, the Dark Elves attempted to forge an alliance with the Jaar. The Jaar accepted their alliance, and helped build up their civilizations. It was then that the Elves began to awake from their sleep, and encountered the Dark Elves. Lady Eletha, the Elven leader, was outraged by the fact that some had awoken early. She ordered an attack on a Dark Elf city, which resulted in hundreds of Dark Elves dying. Rezix was extremely angered by this attack, and organized a small party to assassinate Eletha. The assassination failed, but it revealed that Rezix, Eletha's husband, had become the leader of the Dark Elves. She was heartbroken by this revelation, and ordered a divorce on Rezix.

The Dark Elves and Elves grew a total hatred towards one another, and began to attack each other frequently. When the Great War began, the Dark Elves joined the 2nd Legion without haste, knowing that the Elves had joined the opposing faction: The Arbiters.



Dark Elves are extremely similar to Elves, as they all were once Elves before they awoke. Notable differences between the two races are the fact that Dark Elves have blue-ish purple skin, are much taller and burlier, and have grey sclera with glowing iris.

The Dark Elves' clothing is very rogue-like, as opposed to the Elves' robes. They also wear much more armour than their Elven counterparts.

Leadership & Government[]

The Dark Elves are lead by Dark Lord Rezix. Rezix was once the king of the Elven race, but, after awakening from his thousand-year sleep early, became a Dark Elf. He and the rest of the Dark Elves quickly grew into their own race, in which Rezix was crowned the leader. Rezix is very ill-tempered, and highly aggressive. He is well-known for conducting assassinations and raids upon his enemies.

The Dark Elf race operates under an autocratic government, with only one individual in charge. Their government is highly similar to that of the Elven government, except the leader has more power over the race and cannot be resisted against.