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Dragons are a species of reptile. Coming in various appearances and sizes, a dragon is a serpent-like, typically winged, four-legged creature identifiable by a large snout, horns, various spikes, and a long tail. Often times, they are seen with elongated necks, reinforced scales, and abdominal plating.

Different types of dragon exist, each having different capabilities. Often hostile, dragons are often a threat to most wildlife on Uloff. Due to the fact that they are mainly found within Dursun Forest, they are often a threat posed to Humans. The Human race, however, use dragons as a way of proving an individual's bravery and strength by going to great lengths to slay one.

Dragons, while typically acting on their own, follow under an alpha dragon as their leader, Draconius.

Dragons are found and fought primarily within northeastern Gaderon, though they can be found all over the continent.