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Lady Eletha
The Arbiters
Average Height
6.3 - 7ft
Skin Colours
Hair Colours
Eye Colours
Distinctive Features
Pointed Ears
Long limbs
Life Span
190 Years

The Elves are people of creativity and pride. We value our creations, and will display them proudly for all to see.
~ Lady Eletha

The Elves (singularly "Elf"; plural "Elves"; collectively "Elven") are a tall, humanoid race that are native to the continent of Moridahn. They are one of the ten dominant races of Uloff, being most common in western Moridahn. The race is characteristically highly magical, practicing in the arts of Arcane magic, as well as being prideful and graceful. The Elves have existed for thousands of years, possibly predating ancient Jaar, and have built up their uniquely designed structures and civilizations throughout their extensive lifetime.

The Elven race is well-known for their professional and developed use of light magic, specifically Arcane.


The Elven Emblem

The Elven race is one of the oldest races on Uloff, dating back to the times of the primal Jaar, even before the corruption of Strog'ar. A once prosperous race on the continent of Moridahn, the Elven leaders, Lady Eletha and Lord Rezix, had ordered for the entire race to go into a 1,000 year sleep in order to cleanse their souls and become "pure" once again. The race had sealed themselves away in their capital city of Tha'nore, and entered their hypersleep, not to wake until 1,000 years pass.

750 years later, Lord Rezix and a small group of Elves had awoken early. Due to their sudden awakening, and the fact that they awoke from their sleep too early, the aforementioned group of Elves had turned more brutish, and gained a purple-tinted skin. Due to their appearance and their brutish appearance, these Elves became known as "Dark Elves". The Dark Elves had fled from Tha'nore in fear of the rest of the Elves' disapproval, and hid away in northern Moridahn. Years pass, and the Dark Elves grew even more, and eventually became their own race, living in northern Moridahn.

The rest of the Elves had later awoken from their 1,000 year sleep, and had began to rebuild their civilizations. However, it wasn't long until the Elven race had discovered that a notable amount of Elves were missing, including Lord Rezix. Eletha had sent a small search party to locate the missing Elves, and went along with them. Later, they had located the Dark Elf civilizations. Shocked at the appearance of the Dark Elves, Eletha came to the conclusion that these were, indeed, the Elves that had went missing. She knew that their appearance was the result of an early awakening, and had become outraged. She had later figured out that Lord Rezix has declared himself the leader of the Dark Elves, and had confronted him due to his betrayal to the Elven race.

Lord Rezix, now going by Dark Lord Rezix, was angered by Eletha's pointless raging, as the Dark Elves still behave the same way as their pure counterparts. He had grown tired of her bickering, and attempted to kill her to silence her. Eletha luckily survived his attack, and fled back to Tha'nore, heartbroken by Rezix's cold actions. She had ordered a divorce from Rezix, and had rearranged the Elves' political structure to put her as the only leader, unable to remarry. The Elves had continued to build their civilizations, now adjusting to the governmental change. They had also made a new enemy in the process: The Dark Elves.



Elves have a basic Humanoid shape, having high similarities to Humans and Jaar. They are notably thin, especially their limbs, and have bright, pale skin. Elves also typically have longer hair, which is often brightly coloured. The race also is known to have slightly longer arms than other Humanoids. Lastly, the Elven race has characteristically pointed ears, which often face upward.

Elven clothing typically consists of long robes, jewelry, and very light armour attached to said robes. The race is never seen in heavy, warrior-like armour, as it tends to disrupt their magic and arcane usage. Elves that fight in the frontlines are known to wear mask-like objects over their faces, and armour-plated robes that protect against magic attacks.


The Elven race is extremely prideful, and can sometimes be seen as snooty and picky. The race takes pride in their Arcane skills, and loves to display it in the most obvious ways possible. Other races usually see the Elves to be quite obnoxious and boastful.

Leadership and Government[]

Lady Eletha, the current leader of the Elven race

The Elves are led by a proud Archmage, who brings them glory. Lady Eletha, the current leader, is a powerful mage and had been one of the first to awaken while retaining purity.

The Elves operate on a Autocratic-Monarchic government, with only one ruler. The Elven race used to operate on a monarchic government with two leaders, but was later abandoned due to the Elven king, Rezix, awakening too early and becoming a Dark Elf. The leader is completely responsible for every decision made for the race, and must bear overwhelming responsibilities.


The Elven culture is very peaceful. They are known to be very soft-spoken and quiet, other than when showing of one of their creations to another race. They are also known to live in forests, and have a habit of hanging small crystals from thin strings, and tying them to high locations. Elves love to create gardens, fountains, and streams; along with making beautiful structures. They love to create art and pottery, and will typically display it proudly.

They are also known to rarely ever use weapons, and wear very-light armor.