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Faction Champion
Real Name
Chosen by Player
Silver Warrior (Human Storyline)
Master Arcanist (Elf Storyline)
Blood Warrior (Jin'tulu Storyline)
Descendant of K'abu (Dryad Storyline)
Wrath of the Jaar (Jaar Storyline)
Dark Arcanist (Dark Elf Storyline)
Technolord (Gnome Storyline)
Spirit Runner (Orc Storyline)
Physical Appearance
Chosen by Player
Chosen by Player
Political Information
Chosen by Player
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins (mentioned)
Portrayed by
Currently Unannounced

The Faction Champion (real name dependent on Player's choice; sometimes referred to as simply "The Champion") is the main protagonist in Age of Warscape, and the character that the Player controls and plays as. As the chosen individual tasked to represent their faction, along with leading its armies and aiding the faction leaders in making strategic decisions. They are also dispatched to complete important missions for their leaders, with their followers by their side. The Name of the Champion, along with their appearance, race, and gender, is different depending on the Player's preferences.


When the The Great War has begun, the leaders of the factions, King Earnet of The Arbiters and Warlord Bjorin of the 2nd Legion, had realized that the only way to win the war would be to have a "game-changing asset". The two leaders then announce that a handful of new recruits are to be placed into the training camps, and are to be put through extensive and vigorous training to locate a soldier to take on the title of "The Faction Champion", who will become the commander of their faction's armies and represent their faction. Eventually, through extensive and prolonged training, the leaders had found new champions who are worthy to take on the title.

Eventually, the leaders then demand an audience with the new recruits. They had then told the newcomer of their destiny to take on the role as a Faction Champion, and to lead their faction into battle. The leaders would then task the recruit with an intense task, which would be their first real battle against the opposing faction.

Now, each Champion shall begin to write their own story, and eventually rise to become the one to save Uloff. The rest of their story is dependent on the choices they make, their chosen faction, their chosen race, and how they interact with others.


The Champion's appearance is solely dependent on the Player's preferences. The Player will first be able to customize how their Champion will physically appear, which includes body type, face shape, hair style and colour, facial hair, scars and markings, eye colour, and more. The Player is also able to choose the Champion's gender, race, and name. The Player can also affect the Champion's appearance by equipping them with different kinds of armour, clothing, and/or weapons as they progress through the game.

Canonically, the Faction Champion are two different people that are depicted as a cloaked, lightly-armoured individual of ambiguous race and gender. They are also seen wearing a generic mask that further hides their race and gender. The champion's cloak is depicted with either blue or red decal, depending on which faction they represent. They are also never referred to by a specific name, and are only referred to by their alias as the "Faction Champion".


The Champion's base personality is very reserved and quiet. However, their personality is greatly affected by the decisions that the Player makes throughout the game, which could range from patriotic, quiet, intense, sassy, friendly, caring, merciless, merciful, aggressive, or even hostile. The Champion's personality is also dependent on how the Player wants them to be like, and will make decisions based on how they want them to act.

The Canonical Faction Champion is depicted as a very quiet and reserved person, showing little to no emotion most of the time. This is also to support the fact that the Champion could be anyone, and that even the player or reader can imagine their character as the depicted Champion.