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Faljaar Resurgence
Warlord Skornjir

The Faljaar Faljaar, formerly known as the Faljaar Movement prior to 3 BFS, is a minor, and possibly defunct or nonexistent, political faction that consists of the necromantic Faljaar. Often seen as the true enemy to the Jaar, the Movement resides in the mysterious center of Strog'ar, allied with the Cult of Vishnu and the Umbristic State. It is an all-Faljaar group, which has the goal to wipe the Jaar race from existence through mass genocide.

The group likely has control over most of Strog'ar, especially central Strog'ar, around the Laar region. However, it is not known if the Movement really exists anymore, or is just a fabricated story created to scare the Jaar population.


The Movement was originally the Jaar race as a whole, led by Warlord Skornjir. It wasn't until Skornjir and the majority of the race had begun to indulge in the art of Necromancy, which allowed for The Corruption to begin. Skornjir's general, Cjorg Thykesnev, and a few individuals began to label the Necromancy-practicing Jaar as "Faljaar", Skornjir as "the Insane one", and themselves as "True Jaar". Cjorg had revolted against Skornjir's dark rule, albeit unsuccessfully. Cjorg and his followers were exiled from Strog'ar, though the Faljaar had become disorganized due to the loss in a significant portion of their population. The Faljaar then seemingly became disorganized, and their population seemed to dwindle down into almost nothing.

However, there have been rumors that Skornjir and the Faljaar still remain, and are organized into a minor faction known as the "Faljaar Resurgence". However, the current Warlord of the Jaar, Warlord Bjorin, has denounced the idea of a Faljaar-based faction, and has publicly decreed that Skornjir is deceased, and that the Faljaar Movement is no longer existent. The true fate of Skornjir and the Faljaar Resurgence, however, is currently unknown.