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A Follower is an NPC that follows and aids the player in their quests. Followers are able to defend, heal, and support the player in combat and able to help battle enemies. Each race storyline has 5-7 unique followers that the player gains through advancing through the story, and 3-5 bonus followers that the player can gain through completing Chambers (which are optional and not required to advance in the main story).

A player can only use one follower at a time.

Followers all have their own, unique personality and abilities, and can equip items and equipment to make them stronger or to help them look more unique compared to other player's followers. Followers are also influenced by the player's actions and choices. Players who follow a follower's likes can build up their affection with the player, and can result in befriending the follower. Some followers, with certain requirements, can also be romanced by the player. Romancing and befriending a follower will cause them to perform better in combat and ability use. If a player makes choices that a follower dislikes, it could negatively impact the follower's affection with the player. If the follower's affection is low enough, it can become enemies with the player. Enemy followers perform worse, and will sometimes even refuse to help the player all together (along with their dialogs changing). Some followers are not affected by player behaviours, and will perform averagely no matter what.

Storyline Follower List[]

Below is a list of followers that the player gains through advancing through their storyline. Followers who can be romanced are marked next to their names.

Human followers[]

Josephine (Female Human) - Romanceable

Sha'zan (Male Orc)

Wafiena (Female Elf) - Romanceable

Shaa'rier (Female Herasothian) - Romanceable

Karras (Male Dryad) - Romanceable

Linesier (Male Jaar)

Lasterinia (Female Latlazerian) - Romanceable

Elf followers[]

Ragnaro (Male Dark Elf) - Romanceable

Alicia (Female Human) - Romanceable

Malicinia (Female Elf) - Romanceable

Corikas (Male Dryad)

Laz (Male Jin'tulu) - Romanceable

Ralifin (Male Herasothian)

Jin'tulu followers[]

Li'ran (Male Jin'tulu)

Keeras (Female Jin'tulu) - Romanceable

Meme Machine (Male Gnome)

Firo (Male Jin'tulu) - Romanceable

Kleran (Male Latlazerian)

Kelriad (Male Human)

Makruo (Female Dryad)

Dryad followers[]

Kes-Lentei (Male Dryad) - Romanceable

Prak (Male Orc)

Blasteez (Male Gnome)

Pringeri (Male Jin'tulu) - Romanceable

Moril (Female Human)

Kerin (Female Dryad) - Romanceable

Jaar followers[]

Kilti (Male Jaar) - Romanceable

Frank (Male Gnome)

Kran'la (Female Dark Elf) - Romanceable

Dispuc (Male Orc)

Kirifrio (Male Dark Elf) - Romanceable

Mil'rinia (Female Jaar) - Romanceable

Pranilia (Female Latlazerian) - Romanceable

Gnome followers[]

Boom (Male Gnome) - Romanceable

Krastlanor (Male Orc)

Bliniris (Female Gnome) - Romanceable

Jin'liris (Male Jin'tulu)

Kiro (Male Latlazerian)

Lakron (Female Dark Elf)

Dark Elf followers[]

Kraylis (Female Dark Elf) - Romanceable

Makchita (Female Herasothian) - Romanceable

Killirio (Male Human) - Romanceable

Klor (Male Orc)

Badlazapp (Male Gnome)

Hufraa (Female Orc)

Orc followers[]

Bo'lare (Male Orc) - Romanceable

Flor'na (Female Orc) - Romanceable

Furlas (Male Jaar)

Kranra (Female Dark Elf)

Blastublar (Female Gnome)

Binisro (Male Jin'tulu)

Blacleda (Female Human)