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Gaderon is one of the three known contintents on the planet of Uloff, the others being Blackfall and Moridahn. It is home to the Jaar, Humans, Gnomes, and Jin'tulu. Next to it lies Moridahn, the home of the Dryads, Orcs, Elves, and Dark Elves.

A map of Gaderon

Gaderon is notably larger than Moridahn, and is usually seen as more populated. The continent, however, is more war-torn than its counterpart, especially the center region. Its most war-torn area is the battlefield of Garnimmar.

The continent is mostly grassland, but has a dense vegetation in the northeastern and southeastern side. There is also a huge, mountainous side on the northwest side. Around the center of the continent, there is a medium-sized marsh known as the Oozing Marsh.