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Gnomes are a short, technologically gifted race who use bio-tech to create machinery, such as war engines. The Gnomes live underground, creating machinery for the war cause, along with creating and using massive explosives. Gnomes are allied with the 2nd Legion, and are a selectable species in the 2nd Legion faction.


The Gnomes have lived within the great Joral Mountains, in Northwest Gaderon. Underground, they have build an arsenal of technological power. They have lived for centuries, but had been hunted by the Mountain Trolls native to the mountains, as well. Gnomes use bio-technology, as well, making war-mounts for Pusoms, Possum-like creatures, rat-generated lighting, and rocket-powered hawk-disguises. During the First War of Gaderon, they see the Jaar in their splendor. They are awed by their massive size and strength and tell the Jaar that they can be a great ally. Together, the 2nd Legion was first formed. The Gnomes make war-engines, now. They have been trained for building the mightiest weapons and engines for battle.

Physical Description

Gnomes naturally weigh about 100 lbs. Most of them stand at 3'10''. Facial hair is either baby-faced, or only the lip, as beards are genetically impossible for them (Plus, it might get trapped in gears during work...).

Personality Traits

As the "everyone is different" rule applies, most Gnomes take a great liking to bombs, gold, and watching others get blown up. Some might say the Gnomes are insane, but when you live underground and don't get too much fresh air, it is justified. Despite their insanity, Gnomes are seen to be incredibly smart.


"The Council" leads the Gnomes proudly. The Council consists of High-Tinker Fizzra, Techno-King Pinchblast, and Forge-Lord Feezlebor. The three are powerful at their own strengths. Combined, they bring the Gnome people victory!