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The Council
2nd Legion
Average Height
Skin Colours
Light Brown
Hair Colours
Eye Colours
Life Span
65 years

Gnomes are a short, technologically gifted race who use bio-tech to create machinery, such as war engines. The Gnomes live underground, creating machinery for the war cause, along with creating and using massive explosives. Gnomes are allied with the 2nd Legion, and are a selectable species in the 2nd Legion faction.


The Gnome emblem

For centuries, Gnomes have inhabited the northwestern, mountainous side of Gaderon, known as the Joral Mountains. They have lived underground, inside and below the vast mountain range of Joral Mountains. Through the years, this race had built a magnificent city underground, naming it "Tubetown", due to its transit system revolving around large tubes. Throughout their isolation underground, the Gnomes have mastered the art of machinery, and have discovered how to utilize sulfur as a weapon. They have also discovered the use of steam-powered machinery, giving them the ability to create vehicles and mechsuits.

The Gnomes had built a huge arsenal of different machinery and weapons, and have utilized their knowledge in harnessing electricity. Their inventions were later noticed by the Jaar, who were impressed by the Gnomes' creations and innovations. The Gnomes found the Jaar in their splendor, due to their heavy armor, large size, and use of axes. The two races eventually formed an alliance with one another, and became close friends. The Gnomes began to trade firearms, explosives, machinery, and mechsuits to the Jaar, who gave them battleaxes, armour, traditional food, animal pelts, rare metals, and paint in return.

When the First War of Gaderon began, the Gnomes joined the Jaar in the destruction of the Human and Jin'tulu. Although they did not succeed, they earned the respect of the Jaar after they saw the Gnomes' machinery and weapons in action. After retreating back to Tubetown, the Gnomes began to build even more machinery and weapons, and mastered the use of bio-technology.

When the Great War began, the Gnomes happily joined the 2nd Legion. However, they requested a cease-fire with The Arbiters shortly after, as they had not built their defenses enough to outmatch the armies of the Arbiters. The Arbiters reluctantly accepted their request, warning them that "any act of aggression towards The Arbiters or aiding the 2nd Legion will terminate the cease-fire". Now, the Gnomes build their arsenal of machinery and weaponry, waiting to use it against The Arbiters.


Gnomes greatly resemble that of a Human. The only distinctive feature between a Gnome and a Human is the Gnome's size, which can measure upto 3 feet. Gnomes are also known to have little to no facial hair, which is shaved in order to prevent getting caught in machinery. They are also known to commonly wear overalls, very light armour, work-gloves, and goggles. Rarely does a Gnome ever wear a full-set of armour.

A Gnome's hairline will usually fall back, and their hair will typically be very short. Gnome hairstyles usually consist of spiked up or combed forward hair.


As the "everyone is different" rule applies, most Gnomes take a great liking to bombs, gold, and watching others get blown up. Some might say the Gnomes are insane, which is due to the lack in fresh air that the race gets. Despite their insanity, Gnomes are seen to be incredibly smart.

Leadership & Government

A small group known as "The Council" leads the Gnomes proudly. The Council consists of High-Tinkerer Fizzra, Technoking Pinchblast, and Forgelord Feezlebor. The three all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and all make decisions for the race.

The Gnome race operates under an oligarchic government, with a group of individuals in charge of the race. This group, known as "The Gnome Council", makes and agrees on decisions, and all share equal responsibility for the race. There are only three spots on the Council, which are filled by old, wise, and experienced Gnomes. Once a previous member of the Council dies or resigns, a new member is appointed by the remaining Council. If all three members die, then they are replaced by relatives, offspring, or individuals elected by the people.


The Gnomes love machinery and building things, and take great pride in their creations. They love to show off their creations in the most obvious ways possible. The race also has a great liking towards firearms and explosives, and have a habit of testing them on uninhabited locations, usually for no reason at all. The race is known to build their buildings in walls and rocks, using a transit system to connect them all. They have also been known to be the first race to harness electricity, and to use vehicles.