Age of Warscape Wiki
Real Name
God of Madness
Villain from the Depths
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Dark Blue/Purple
Hair Colour
Political Information
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins (mentioned and pictured)
Portrayed by
Ricky Chatell (voice)

All that you know will be taken to the depths...
- Haed'Vishnu

Haed'Vishnu (otherwise known as the God of Madness) is a large, cyclopean creature who serves as a primary antagonist in Age of Warscape and as the God of Madness. As the polar opposite of Ohm'Brahman, Haed'Vishnu desires to drive the entire world of Uloff into total madness and chaos, and take the souls of innocents to build his kingdom. However, the dark god is currently imprisoned within the Realm of Madness, and is guarded by the power of Ohm'Brahman.

Haed'Vishnu is voiced by Richard "Ricky" Chatell.


Haed'Vishnu was originally intended to help Ohm'Brahman balance the forces of Order and Madness. However, Haed'Vishnu had began to become tainted into a darker, more sinister path. Vishnu's original task was to help keep the souls safe and protected, but his mind became clouded by hate and chaos. He desired to take the souls of innocents, and use them to build his mad kingdom known as the Realm of Madness. Ohm'Brahman had realized Haed'Vishnu's dark intentions, and imprisoned him within the Realm of Madness, unable to break free from Ohm'Brahman's mystical barrier that he placed around the Realm. Haed'Vishnu, now unable to continue, awaits for the barrier to be released, and to continue taking lives and spreading madness throughout Uloff.


Haed'Vishnu's complete appearance is unknown, for he never physically appears in the stories or the game. He is often depicted as a large creature with two large horns protruding from the side of his head. His most notable feature is his large, yellow eye in the middle of his head. His left hand is depicted as a large claw, and his right hand is depicted as a long tentacle, split into three finger-like appendages. Haed'Vishnu is normally shown with a crystal in the middle of his chest, which is suspected to be his heart.

The lower half of his body is depicted with long, spider-like legs, which all have a slightly different appearance to one-another.


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