Herasothian Empire
King Lamporus

The Herasothian Empire is a minor political faction that is heavily allied and affiliated with The Arbiters. It is an all-Herasothian faction that primarily provides support, aid, equipment, and weaponry to the Arbiters, and acts as a backing force of the faction. The faction was created by King Lamporus, after he had abolished the original Herasothian monarchic government, and reformed it into an autocratic imperialist government.

The Empire controls small areas in southern Strog'ar, where its capital city, Herasothia, is located, and small segments in western-central Moridahn, close to Elven cities.


The Herasothian Empire was created after the 5th King of the Herasothian race, Zavaclien Lamporus, was crowned and had abolished the Herasothian government. He had reformed multiple policies, and completely restructured the Herasothian leadership, forming it into an autocratic empire. Lamporus had abolished virtually every high-level position, including his own, and had decreed himself as the first Emperor of the Herasothian Empire.

Lamporus' rule had lead to the massive strengthening of its military and to the weaponization of alchemic potions and chemicals. The Empire had also became very defensive over its allies, and also turned into a primary source of protection to the Jin'tulu race, whom was allied to the Empire. When the Great War had broken out, the Herasothian Empire quickly became an ally of The Arbiters, and had become a well-established source of the faction's supplies and weaponry.

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