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Arbiter Symbol.png High Prophet Surin
Real Name
Forkinis Surin
The High Prophet
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Dark Green
Political Information
The Arbiters
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
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High Prophet Forkinis Surin is a Dryad male who is the 174th and current leader of the Dryad race. He is a secondary protagonist in The Arbiters storylines, a secondary antagonist in 2nd Legion storylines, and an overall major character in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. Though labeled as the Dryad leader, he is the Prophet of the true Dryad leader, K'abu, who instructs and bestows wisdom to Surin. He is allied with The Arbiters, and is a leading member of the faction.

Surin's voice actor has yet to be announced.


Forkinis was born before the Dark Elves awoke, and was trained by the Dryads to be a great leader. During his training, he was visited by the Dryad leader, K'abu. K'abu saw his potential as a great leader, and gives him his staff as a gift. Forkinis practiced and studied leadership every day, believing that one day, he will be the next Dryad leader. However, when the corruption of Strog'ar began to move to Moridahn, Forkinis was dubbed as the High Prophet of the Dryad race by K'abu. Forkinis was curious as to why K'abu picked him, but K'abu left suddenly. Forkinis looked all over Esari for K'abu, but he could not find him. Eventually, he found K'abu sacrificing his physical essence to put an end to the corruption. Forkinis tried to stop him, but did not succeed. However, Forkinis began to hear a voice that sounded like K'abu. He discovered that the soul of K'abu is speaking to him, which is what he usually does to all prophets. Forkinis was instructed by K'abu on how to lead the Dryad race, and became known as High Prophet Surin. Now, Surin serves as the new leader of the Dryad race.


Surin wears a dark green, nearly black long robe, which has dark grey armour plating and green cloth pieces. He has long, dark-green hair, medium-sized (which are also cut to be smaller) antlers, aged, bark-like skin, and bright-green, luminescent eyes. He does not often use any weapons whatsoever, though he has a long staff almost always sheathed around his back. His robe also has a large collar that goes around Surin's neck and head.


The High Prophet is a very timid and quiet person, usually saying little-to-nothing. He is also known to never appear publicly, and often sends a proxy in his place. He is, however, a brilliant strategist and organizer, and is often believed to be a powerful and effective leader.

Surin is often thought to be a "yes-man", almost always agreeing with the other Arbiters leaders. He takes a liking to Rhanakhed the most, though, as he himself is a powerful and effective military leader. The agrees with the spirit of K'abu the most, though, as Surin believes it to be in his best nature to always listen to and agree with the spirit of the previous leader. Despite never being very aggressive, Surin can be hostile to those who doubt or defile the name of K'abu or the Dryad race in general. He is also very protective over nature, like any other Dryad.



Leader of the Dryad
Position Established
High-Prophet of K'abu