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King Earnet
The Arbiters
Average Height
5.3 - 6.8ft
Skin Colours
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Hair Colours
Eye Colours
Distinctive Features
Life Span
80 years
Notable Individuals
Lark O'Flaven
Finnegan O'Flaven
King Ron
King Earnet
Lord Jesavich
Trader Tre
The ways of my people are strange, but they are the ways of the Light-God
~ Lark O'Flaven

The Humans (collectively "Humankind", "Mankind", or "Humanity") are a tall, humanoid species that are native to the continent of Gaderon. They are one of the ten dominant species on Uloff. Humans are very balanced in combat, and use their wit and intelligence to their advantage. As a descendant of the Jaar race, Humanity has built its massive civilizations through innovation and hard work, all while creating its own culture and way of life.

Despite being one of the newer races to come to Uloff, the Humans have endeared a rough history. Having gone through widespread attacks, disease, and famine, the Humans have almost reached the brink of extinction multiple times in their short life. However, centuries of hardships have strengthened the Human's will and determination, making them the most resilient and strong-minded races on Uloff.

Humans are a playable race for The Arbiters.


The Human Emblem

Generations before the Warscape began, upon the continent of Strog'ar, a race known as the Jaar grew and flourished. The Jaar race was in great numbers, ranging from thousands to even millions. However, this race was highly savage and brutal; destroying everything in their path and using bloody fighting techniques. A small group of Jaar eventually grew disgusted by this, and desired to abandon the rest of the Jaar. The small group built rafts from anything they could find, and sailed away from Strog'ar, hoping to find a better land. However, this journey did not turn out so well. These Jaar became lost somewhere within The Churning Sea, and many grew ill. The Jaar began to lose hope in surviving their journey, as many of them began to die from sickness and starvation. However, a being made of pure light guided the rafts to the shores of northeastern Gaderon, which saved the Jaar that survived the trip. They learned that this being was, in fact, Ohm'Brahman, the god of order, and began to worship the god for saving their lives.

These Jaar, now known as Humans, began to set up their new civilizations on Gaderon. They built their great cities on the northeastern coast, especially their capital known as Ironwall. Generations pass, and the Humans have changed their physical appearance, along with adapting new philosophies and beliefs. They also have become more civilized, and established a monarchic government. The Humans have also expanded greatly over the many years, now becoming a race.

The Human race had expanded across Gaderon over the next few centuries. They grew across the continent, and built many civilizations throughout it. Years later, they began to hear word of a new race on the southern tip of Gaderon has appeared, and the Humans grew curious. They investigated the race, which was the Jaar (who fled from Strog'ar due to Necromancy began to rise within the continent, corrupting many Jaar into Faljaar), and attacked them out of fear, believing them to be monsters (as it has been years since they have seen Jaar). This attack lead to the death of the Jaar leader, Cjorg Thykesnev. Cjorg's son, Bjorin, witnessed his father's gruesome death at the hands of the Humans, and declared revenge upon them. Bjorin rose to the Jaar throne, with his hatred toward the Humans on his mind.

The threat of the Jaar grew, and the Humans began to worry of their safety. King Ron, the King of the Humans at the time, then created a plan, called the Arbiters Initiative, to combat the threat of the Jaar. This plan was to unite the Humans with any allying species into one large faction. Ron was ready to enact it, but was assassinated by a group of Jaar, which was then blamed upon Bjorin. Ron's son, King Earnet, ascended to the throne, and declared war on the Jaar. He enacted the Arbiters initiative, creating the faction known as The Arbiters, which united the Humans with their allying races: The Elves, Jin'tulu, Herasothians, and Dryads.


Humans, like their ancestors, are bipedal Humanoids, having two arms and legs. The strong and healthy Humans naturally weigh about 160 lbs. Their heights range from 5 to 6 feet in both genders. Facial hair grows in almost any way for humans (Mustaches, Beards, Goatees, etc.), though most humans shave as it is a sign that there is nothing to hide from their god, Ohm'Brahman. Since most are templars and warriors, they are known to have some muscle on them. Humans are notable for their broad range of skin colours, which can vary from pale to dark brown. A Human's eye colour can range from brown, blue, hazel, green, white, or grey. Human eyes can also have a luminescent property, especially if said Human possesses magic or is enhanced by such.

Human hair styles are usually short and shaggy, although it is sometimes seen combed back or straight forward. They will commonly stylize their hair as a sign of formality and dignity. Males typically will keep their hair rather short, and females would often wear their hair long. Their hair can range from different shades of brown, black, red, and blonde. Human hair turns grey with age or sickness. It is rare for a Human to be completely bald, as it is often seen as a sign of disrespect to other races, especially the Jin'tulu.

Human clothing is often made of rags and cloth, and is often made by tailors or even the Human wearing it. They typically wear full clothing, and may sometimes equip light armour. Some Humans wear medium to heavy armour, especially those tasked as guards or soldiers. This armour is usually fully-plated, and rarely show any skin. Though this armour provides excellent defense against many different attacks, it is rather heavy and can substantially slow down the individual wearing it.


As Humans valued kindness, most are raised with manners and mercy. They are very faithful to Ohm'Brahman, whom they worship often. Very few are known to tap into bloodlust and kill without thought, which they would be executed or exiled if proceeding to kill without reason. Humans are known to use diplomacy and negotiations to work out conflicts, and will only fight if they are forced to. Even during a fight, Humans will often try to stop it and attempt to work things out peacefully.

Humans are highly social, and love to communicate and socialize with others. They are known to be charismatic and trustworthy, and are seen as some of the most sociable and charismatic races on Uloff. Humans are also highly prideful, and are typically very proud of their own accomplishments. Humans are also easily offended, especially if one hurts their pride, or vocally attacks them or their loved ones. They are also highly offended when their religion or faith is harmed or questioned, being a highly religious race.

Leadership & Government[]

King Earnet, the current leader of the Humans

The Human race is currently led by the twelfth Human King, King Earnet. He is a proud warrior, but still has much to learn about the ways of the Human. He is known to be a very young and reckless king, with his motives and actions often questioned by his advisors. However, the Human race still follow him with pride, believing that Earnet is capable of leading the Humans. He is, however, known to be very oppressive on his own people most of the time.

The Human operate on a monarchic government, with a sovereign leader at the top. The leader will typically be an individual, and will never be more than one individual. A new leader comes into power once the old one passes away, or the new one is specifically appointed by the old leader. The next leader will typically be the child of the current one, unless the leader has no offspring. If the current leader has no offspring, then the race will decide to elect a new leader or find a close relative to the current one. The leader is sworn into power through a Coronation, which is often public. Such coronations are also sacred, and regarded as the most highly-respected celebration.

The leader will normally be an individual, and will be under the title of "King" or "Queen", depending on gender. The individual has almost full power over the race, but any actions that the leader takes must be passed by their advisors, in which they approve or try to discourage the action. The leader will also be heavily guarded, and is housed in a large, fortified building. The leader is also trained in combat for self-defense purposes and/or as a last resort.

The race itself has almost no political power against the leader. Those who try to go against the leader are typically either imprisoned or executed. However, Humans being a highly merciful race, disrespect to the leader will often be treated with an exile.


Humans are known to incorporate their religion into all of their actions and activities. Many of their paintings and creations will depict either important Humans, or Ohm'Brahman. They are well known for creating statues, idols, and imagery of Ohm'Brahman, in which they will display proudly.

Humans are recognized for their well-built armor and weaponry, and common use of swords, vehicles, and shields. Weaponry and defense are two things that Humans treasure highly, and display passionately. Humans constantly create, forge, and produce weaponry and defense. They use rare, highly-durable metals to create their armor and weapons, and use only the finest of jewels to decorate their weapons. Many of their swords and armor are highly-valued, and some even heavily-guarded against those who wish to steal it.

Humans discourage the use of long-range weaponry and firearms, believing that they give them an 'unfair advantage' against their opponents. They will commonly use swords and shields, and uncommonly axes and spears. Humans are also known to discourage the use of magic and sorcery, mainly for the same reasons as the use of long-range weapons and firearms. However, some Humans have been known to use magic, and there have been known Magic-studying academies.


The Human religion, known as "Brahmism", is commonly practiced and one of the primary belief systems within the race. It is very similar to that of Judaism, only with Ohm'Brahman as the worshiped god. Humans will normally be forced to practice the religion by either parental figures, or even the race's leader. Those who fail to believe in Brahmism will usually be imprisoned or even exiled.

Humans often build chapels and cathedrals in honour of Ohm'Brahman, as well as acting as Houses of Worship, which are known as "Cynas". These buildings are almost always located in any major Human village, and are headed by a priest or priestess.


The Arbiters races[]

Humans and Elves have a neutral alliance with one another. Humans have a slight dislike to Elves, due to their use in Arcane energy. However, the Elves have a liking toward the Humans, mainly due to their bravery and pride. King Earnet and Elven Leader Lady Eletha are known to not get along so well, as Earnet and Eletha's ideals counter eachother (Eletha not believing that Ohm'Brahman is a superior force).

The Humans and Jin'tulu have a strong relationship with one another. They both like eachother, and both treasure their alliance. Jin'tulu are honoured by the Humans bravery and intelligence, along with their kindness towards the race. The Humans enjoy the Jin'tulu for their battle strategies, and the fact that they are located close to the Jaar homeland, Fjordinheim. Earnet and Jin'tulu leader Chieftain Rhanakhed are known to get along quite well, as both are aggressive fighters and share similar ideals.

The Dryad/Human relationship has always been slightly shaky. Dryads have a minor distaste in the Humans, mainly due to the Humans' habit in industrialization and careless damage to nature. The Humans also have a dislike to the Dryads, primarily because they believe them to be too "overprotective" of nature and too demanding. Earnet and Dryad leader High Prophet Surin almost never interact, as Surin has a dislike towards Earnet (due to his reckless behaviour and disregard to nature).

Humans and Herasothians have a neutral relationship. Their exact relations are unknown, but it is known that the Humans take a slight liking towards Herasothians.

2nd Legion races[]

The Humans and Jaar, despite being related, are mortal enemies against one another. The two races morally hate eachother, and will attack each other on sight. The previous Human leader, King Ron, is responsible for the death of the Jaar leader Warlord Bjorin's father, Cjorg Thykesnev. Since then, the two races have been at each other's necks, and dishonour everything about the other race's culture and beliefs. The two are well-known to order attacks on one another frequently.

Likewise with the Jaar, the Human relationship with the other 2nd Legion races is often negative. However, the Human-Latlazerian relationship is more neutral than the others.