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Warlord Bjorin
2nd Legion
Average Height
Skin Colours
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Hair Colours
White (rare)
Eye Colours
Life Span
100 years

Glory at all costs! Long live the Jaar! Long live the 2nd Legion!
~ Warlord Bjorin

The Jaar (pronounced "Yaar") are a primary species appearing in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. They are one of the ten dominant species on Uloff, and are one of the most common races, especially in Gaderon. Seen as a father race, the Jaar are one of the oldest races on Uloff, and are one of the most well-known races throughout the planet. They are currently led by Warlord Bjorin, and follow him and his savagery and aggression. The race is allied with 2nd Legion, and is a playable species in the faction.


The Jaar emblem

Upon the continent of Strog'ar, a race of large, humanoid creatures lived and thrived. This race was known as the Jaar, which translated to "Man" in Jaarspeak. This race was known for its brutal savagery and its merciless behaviours. Eventually, a small group of Jaar became disgusted by the race's savagery, and decided to abandon the race. The group left on rafts, and sailed to a new location away from the Jaar. They landed in the northern side of Gaderon, and began to build up their vast civilizations. This group eventually changed their physical appearance; becoming much smaller and thinner. This group eventually became known as Humans, and became an entire race.

Back on Strog'ar with the rest of the Jaar, the entire race became obsessed with the dark arts of necromancy. The Jaar leader, Warlord Skornjir, began to enforce the use of necromancy upon his people, which grew him many followers and loyalists. The Jaar general, Cjorg Thykesnev, opposed this, knowing that necromancy should not be practiced and is too dangerous to indulge in. He resisted against Skornjir's influence, and tried to keep his wife, Nelda, and his son, Bjorin, away from the influence of necromancy. Eventually, Skornjir began to devote himself to Umbrism. He figured out that Cjorg is resisting his influence, and killed Nelda and tried to capture Bjorin (but failed). Cjorg, outraged by this, assembled a group of Jaar who also opposed Necromancy to take down the necromantic Jaar, known as Faljaar. They attacked their own capital, which resulted in thousands of deaths between the Jaar and Faljaar. This attack was unsuccessful, as the Faljaar were greater in numbers and had dark magic on their side. Cjorg was later exiled from Strog'ar, and was demoted from General of the Jaar.

Taking his men and son with him, Cjorg sailed to the southern tip of Gaderon in order to find a better home. He named this land Fjordinheim, and began to build up villages for the remaining Jaar. He was then named the Warlord of the Jaar, and became the leader of the race. He then ordered the construction of their massive capital city, Fjordinmiir. The race began to expand, and grew their cities and population to astounding heights. The race finally became whole again.

The Humans had later heard of the race on Gaderon, and desired to investigate. Out of fear, the Humans attacked the Jaar, which resulted in the death of hundreds of Jaar and Cjorg Thykesnev. They had presumed the Jaar to be giants, as they have forgotten what a Jaar looked like over the years. Cjorg's son, Bjorin, eventually became the new warlord, and swore his vengeance upon the Human race.

Over the years, the Jaar began to make allies with other races, which were the Gnomes, Dark Elves, Orcs, and Latlazerians. Eventually, the Jaar and the Gnomes began to attack the Human capital of Ironwall. The Humans quickly called upon their ally, the Jin'tulu for help in stopping the attack. The Jaar and Gnomes had failed to destroy Ironwall, and then retreated back to their capital cities. Warlord Bjorin began to strategize a new plan, until he got an announcement that the Humans had forged a faction known as "The Arbiters" with their allies, the Jin'tulu, Elves, and Dryads. Bjorin, believing that this action was a declaration of war, assembled his own faction, the 2nd Legion, with the allies of the Jaar race, the Orcs, Gnomes, and Dark Elves. The two factions went to war, with the destruction of the opposing race and control over Uloff on their minds.



The Jaar have a very humanoid appearance. They can have a height of upto 9 feet, which makes them one of the tallest races on Uloff. They are noted by their large upper-body build and broad shoulders, along with their massive size. A Jaar also is known to grow long, lengthy beards as a sign of honour, and will usually braid them if long enough. Jaar are also known to wear red paint on their faces, and have long, messy hair.


The Jaar are very well-known for their sense of savagery and brutality. They are also known to be the race who will strike first, and attack without questions. They are also recognized by their merciless behaviours, rarely ever taking prisoners or leaving their enemies alive. However, despite all of this, a Jaar can be very friendly to its friends or allies, and is especially protective of its own people or family.

Leadership & Government[]

The Jaar are currently led by Warlord Bjorin Thykesnev. Bjorin is a loud, enthusiastic, powerful leader, who has influenced many of his own people to follow him into battle. He deeply cares for his people, and will do anything it takes to protect them from harm.

The Jaar operate under an autocratic government, with a single individual in control. This individual, titled as the Warlord, has full power over the entire race, and is fully responsible for all decisions. The leader is unable to be resisted against, and cannot be questioned by normal people. Those who dare to question or resist against the warlord are usually imprisoned, exiled, or even executed.

A new Jaar leader is decided once the previous one dies. On most occasions, the next warlord will be the offspring or a close relative of the previous one. If there are no relatives or children available, then the race has a large ceremony where those who wish to become leader are to battle to the death. The last individual standing is declared the next warlord.


The Jaar are well-known for hunting and their love for the hunt, and using animal pelts for furniture and decoration. They get most of their food from animals that they have hunted, and will decorate their houses or property with the pelts, heads, or horns of that which they have killed. They are also known to trade their goods with other races, which will normally be their high-value pelts or bones from hunted animals. They will normally accept gold pieces, Latlazerian slaves, or even other pelts/bones in return.