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Arbiter Symbol.png King Earnet
Real Name
Earnet Arbitus
The Blue King
25 BFS; Iwonwall, Dursun Forest
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Political Information
The Arbiters
Factional Position
Leader of the Arbiters
The Arbiters
Leadership Positions
King of the Human Race
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by
Jack Montgomery (voice)

I will do anything necessary to win this war, even if that means having to sacrifice some.
~ King Earnet

King Earnet Arbitus is a Human male who is the 12th and current King of the Human race. He serves as a primary protagonist in The Arbiters storylines, a primary antagonist in 2nd Legion storylines, and an overall major character in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. He is a young, enthusiastic man with a tendency to be oppressive and reckless. He is the current leader and founder of The Arbiters.

He is planned to be voiced by Age of Warscape Developer and ILMX member Jack Montgomery.


King Earnet's father was King Ron, who ruled as king when Earnet was a young prince. The prince was a battle-hungry one, and in an attempt to sate this hunger, he went off into Garnimmar, a notable warzone, alone. Along the way, he had encountered a band of Jaar. Before he could escape, he was taken prisoner, and was tormented, mocked, and starved for days. Luckily, King Ron had sent a search party for him, and it wasn't long until a troop of human soldiers fought off the Jaar and rescued the prince.

When back at Ironwall, their kingdom, he was lectured about what fighting was worth and when fighting was unnecessary. King Ron and Prince Earnet later visited a Human town to get away from all the stress back at Ironwall. The civilians of the town decided to hold a feast for the visiting royals, and held it in their dining hall. However, Earnet instead left the dining hall sat next to a nearby window, staring into the night sky. It was until a loud scream had interrupted his thoughts, which came from the crowd in the dining hall. When entering the hall to investigate, he found that his father was poisoned by a Jaar, who secretly was part of a mysterious faction.

King Ron died from the poisoning, and the Jaar had committed suicide to prevent any questioning from the Humans after being chased by Earnet for a short time. Earnet came back to the dining hall, only to find his father dead on the floor. The civilians told Earnet that Ron was poisoned by a Jaar. Earnet jumped to the conclusion that Warlord Bjorin was responsible for his assassination, and swore revenge on the Jaar and their allies. Earnet took his father's place at 20, which was quite the young age for a king. Earnet discovered Ron's plans of a faction to help take down the Jaar (who the Humans were being attacked and attacking for a long time) and their allies, which was known as the "Arbiters Initiative": A plan drafted by the Humans to forge an alliance with their allies in order to eliminate enemy/hostile races. Earnet established this faction, calling it The Arbiters, and offered the allies of the Humans, the Jin'tulu, Elves, and Dryads, a spot in the faction. With the three races agreeing to his invite, and the eventual alliance with the Herasothian race, The Arbiters was formed. He would also become a faithful warrior, but still needed to learn of the light's ways.

Earnet went on to become a reckless, battle-hungry king. He also became known to oppress his own people or allies in attempt to build military strength and loyalty, which earned him the nickname of "Fear-Monger". Despite his ambition to go into battle and his habit of oppressing his own people, his allies and his own race still remained loyal to him and treated him with respect, though this may likely be out of fear.


Earnet is a typical human, having the same height and weight as the average Human male. He has dark brown hair (close to black), brown eyes, and a goatee, along with a well-structured face. His golden crown sits atop his head, slightly tilted to the left, exposing most of his hair. He wears dark grey armour with blue decal, which are likely jewels. Attached to his armour, a blue silk cape flows down his back, along with smaller cloth attachments over his legs. He is also typically seen with a seathed sword on his back, which is held in a holster underneath his cape.


Earnet is a very faithful and noble king, leading his race and the Arbiters armies into battle with his brilliant strategies. However, Earnet also has a large ego, and is also very battle-hungry. Although he knows honor and nobility, provoking Earnet will cause him to show his more aggressive side. He is also a very reckless person, and is known to be a "shoot first, ask questions later" type of person. Although normally questioned by his advisors, Earnet is still highly respected by his people. He is also well-known to oppress his own people and his allies, and is also a very strict ruler with almost zero tolerance for failure.



"We live in a world of war. Death isn't something we can avoid anymore."

"Citizens of Ironwall, we live in a society engulfed in the threat of the Jaar. Today, we must unite with our allies to end their threat once and for all. No more shall your children live in fear of a Jaar attack. No more shall you live in fear of a Gnomish bombing from above. Today, we shall unite ourselves with the Jin'tulu, Elven, Herasothian, and Dryad race to permanently wipe the threat of the Jaar and their allies from the face of Uloff!"

"One leader falls, and a new one arises."

"[To Warlord Bjorin] You will feel the pain that our people have faced for years after you killed my father."

"Mercy is one's way of showing weakness to the enemy."


  • King Earnet was the second character to be added to Age of Warscape, right after Warlord Bjorin.
  • Back in the mid-2016 version of the website, King Earnet was referred to as "Prince Earnet" and was accompanied by an older image of him. His name was later changed to "King Earnet" a week later. The reason for his name change is unknown, but is likely due to a storyline change.
  • King Earnet was created by Jack Montgomery, who also voices the character.
  • At one point, "Earnet" was the character's last name before it was changed to "Arbitus".
  • Earnet is in his early 20's, as revealed in an earlier version of the website. However, his age had been removed from the website for unknown reasons.
  • In the text version of Age of Warscape: Origins, King Earnet is revealed to have an unusual hate for peace and negotiations. This detail was rumoured to be removed in the graphic novel version.


King Ron
King of the Humans
Position Established
Leader of The Arbiters