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Arbiter Symbol.png King Lamporus
Real Name
Zavaclien Lamporus
King of the Herasothians, The Evil King (by the Jaar), Emperor Lamporus
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The Arbiters
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First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
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King Zavaclien Lamporus (officially Emperor Lamporus) is a Herasothian male who is the 5th and former King of the Herasothian race before he abolished the position, and the first Emperor of the Herasothian race. He is a minor protagonist in The Arbiters storylines, a secondary antagonist in 2nd Legion storylines, and an overall major character in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. He also acts as an antagonizing force in several storylines, some being Arbiters. Lamporus is characteristically cruel, oppressive, and cold-hearted, and likes to intimidate and kill his opponents. Despite his hostile nature, Lamporus is allied with The Arbiters, and is a leading member of the faction.

Lamporus' voice actor remains unannounced.


Zavaclien was born to a poor, abusive family. Due to his state of poverty, he was constantly picked on and bullied by other Herasothians as a child. However, Lamporus wasn't shaken, and continued his interest in alchemy. He was later abandoned by his family, and was then adopted by a Herasothian professor named Dr. Mörder. Mörder taught Lamporus more techniques and recipes, and helped him become a better alchemist.

At the age of 20, Lamporus had became a well-known alchemist who was recognized for his complicated potions that had benefited the race in their immigration to Uloff. Due to his genius in alchemy, he was appointed the Prime Minister by the 4th King of the Herasothians. His brews were also used as trade materials to the Jin'tulu people, which improved the relations between the two races.

When the King had suffered from a heart attack, Lamporus succeeded him as the 5th King of the Herasothian race. Crowned as the King of the Herasothians, Lamporus soon married a Herasothian villager, Vanessa Lamporus, and appointed her as his Prime Minister. He soon dismantled the Herasothian government, and reformed it into an autocratic empire. He had abolished the position of king, and appointed himself has the Emperor of the Herasothians (despite keeping the 'king' title in honor of tradition and aesthetics). He also abolished multiple of high-level positions, and appointed Vanessa as the Empress after abolishing the position of Prime Minister.

Lamporus had dismantled and reformed multiple policies and laws, and gave himself more power and control over the race. He strengthened the military of the Empire, and had employed weaponized alchemy and magic. When the Jin'tulu requested for aid after being attacked by Jaar forces, Lamporus had ordered massive attacks on all Jaar encampments in the Oozing Marsh, which resulted in the destruction of almost every Jaar camp in the Marsh, deaths of hundreds of Jaar soldiers, and the destruction of major Jaar paths that go through the Marsh. Angered by the Herasothians' hostility, the Jaar had ordered for their allies, the Gnomes, to attack any Herasothian village in Joral Mountains. The Gnomes complied, and had attacked and destroyed several large villages. One village was being visited by Vanessa, which she was killed in during the attacks. Lamporus, suffering from grief, had proceeded to insult the Jaar and their allies, and declared them as an "enemy to the Herasothian people".

When the Great War had broken out, Lamporus had allied the race and the Herasothian Empire with the Human and Dryad races, which also shared his hatred of the Jaar and their allies. He had joined The Arbiters, and became a major donor to the faction, supplying them with weapon stocks and equipment. In fear of his people being caught in the crossfire of the factional war, he had set up the race and empire capital in southern Strog'ar, which provided his race with safety and security, and effectively hid the capital from Jaar reach.


Lamporus is taller than most Herasothians. Aside from his height, he looks like an average male Herasothian. He wears a black/dark grey top-hat, with his golden crown above the rim of the hat. He also wears a black/dark grey cape, with a golden amulet holding it together, which he often shrouds his body in. His vest is grey, with yellow embroidering, and several chains hanging from various locations on his clothing. He also wears metallic, grey shoulder-pads, which may or may not act as armour plating.

Lamporus has long, indigo-coloured hair, which is often braided around the bottom and slung around his left. He has luminescent red eyes, blue skin, and a lack in arms or legs. He is also occasionally seen wearing a monocle and scarf.


Lamporus has a megalomaniacal, homocidal, tyrannical, and self-centered personality. He is seen to be merciless, and is considered "without a soul". He is, however, very considerate and caring for his people and allies, and does what he can to aid and protect them. He, however, never feels sympathy or regret to his enemies, and kills anyone he wants without hesitating. He is also noticeably calm in most situations, and rarely ever loses his temper or shows any signs of strong emotions. He is often cooperative with his allies, as well.


Herasothian Prime Minister
Vanessa Lamporus
King of the Herasothians
Position Abolished
Position Established
Emperor of the Herasothians