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Arbiter Symbol.png Lady Eletha
Real Name
Eletha Ry'serv
Lady of Purity
Before 3600 BFS
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Political Information
The Arbiters
Factional Position
Racial Leader of the Arbiters
Leadership Positions
Queen of the Elves
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
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Lady Eletha Ry'serv is an Elf female who is the 17th and current leader of the Elven race and a major character in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. She is a secondary protagonist in The Arbiters storylines, and a secondary antagonist in 2nd Legion storylines. Eletha is the noble and graceful monarch of the Elves, and a powerful practicer in Arcane energies. She is allied with The Arbiters, and is one of the leading members of the faction.

Eletha's voice actor remains unannounced.


Lady Eletha, and her husband Lord Rezix, ruled the elven race for hundreds of years, dating back to primal Jaar times. However, when the entire race went into a 1,000 year sleep, Lord Rezix and some Elves woke early, all becoming darker and more brutish (known as Dark Elves, and losing their purity. When the rest of the Elves awoke after 1,000 years, Eletha saw what her husband has become. Rezix attempted to take control of the entire Elf race, and attempted to kill Eletha in a lust for power. Eletha managed to stop him and divorced him, kicking him out of the royal Elf family. Rezix got away, and took the Dark Elves with him. Rezix would become the Lord of the Dark Elves, and bestow himself the title of "Dark Lord".

Eletha attempted to get the Elf race back together, as it began to fall apart without a full monarchy. The Elven race became to come back together, and thrived more than it ever had before. Eletha was unaware of when the Latlazerian Slave Trade was going on, and was kept secret by her advisors. When the Slave Trade ended, she learned of her advisors' deception, and had replaced them.

The replacements had then offered Eletha a plan to help grow in strength and power, which could help the Elven race thrive gracefully once again. The plan had consisted of harnessing the dark power of The Red Eye, which was power, hate, and fear concentrated with Dark Sorcery. Although skeptical at first, Eletha chose to accept this plan in desperation to prevent the Elven race from falling apart. She had issued an order for all Elves to begin drawing power from The Red Eye, which increased their strength and magic abilities to new heights. The Red Eye, however, was not fully aware of this. Lord Rezix had taken notice in Eletha's order, which made him outraged. Despite the fact that the Elves were harnessing power from a hateful and evil being, they had commended the Dark Elves as corrupt and impure. Rezix, believing Eletha to be a hypocrite, had formed a total hate for Eletha and the Elves.

Later, as the Elven race continued thriving, they were attacked by the Dark Elves, causing hundreds of Elves to be slain in the destruction. Eletha was devastated by the loss of innocent Elves, and swore revenge on the Dark Elves for the massacre, causing her to develop a powerful hate in Rezix and the Dark Elves. She was then approached by Humans, who informed her that the Dark Elves were allied with the Jaar (The Humans' mortal enemy), and that, by working together, they can defeat them all. Eletha agreed to this, and established an alliance between the Elves, the Humans, and the Humans' allies. When The Arbiters was established, Eletha and the Elves joined it.


Lady Eletha is slightly taller than a normal Elf, and has bright-blonde (sometimes seen as silver) hair, yellow eyes, and fair skin. Her robes are dark grey, and contain some armour plating on them. She also wears a golden tiara-like object on her head, which helps designate her status as royalty. The sleeves of her robes are usually rolled up, exposing her silver gauntlets on her forearms.


Eletha is noticeably calmer and more graceful than other race leaders, and rarely loses her temper. She stays calm in most situations, and provides care and support for others in need. However, Eletha has a deep hatred for the Dark Elves and their allies, and wishes to see them wiped from the face of Uloff. She is also seen to have almost no sense of humour, and takes everything rather seriously.



Queen of the Elves