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The Latlazerian Laws (sometimes referred to as the "Latlazerian Doctrine", "Latlalaws", or "Zilatican Laws") are a set of rules and regulations for the Latlazerian race on how they must behave, and how other races treat individuals. The laws were ratified by King Zilatican, after he fully liberated the race from slavery. All races, including The Arbiters races, are required to oblige to certain aspects of the laws to prevent any type of retribution from Zilatican's nation. Violators of the said laws are often met with exile, imprisonment, or public execution. In the case of another race violating the rules, said race will be attacked and destroyed by Zilatican's military. Assassinations are also common amoung non-Latlazerian individuals.

The Latlazerian Laws[]

  • 1.) All Latlazerians are to only mate with/marry other Latlazerians. No outside romantic/sexual relationships may occur under any circumstances.
  • 2.) In the case of threat to the King or Queen, all able-body Latlazerians are to protect the leaders at all costs, even if it means giving up one's life.
  • 3.) Defilation of the Race Emblem is regarded as heresy, and should never occur by any race or any individual. This also includes vandalizing the emblem/burning the flag.
  • 4.) Homosexuality between other Latlazerians is prohibited to prevent any threats of Umbrism or the Umbristic State.
  • 5.) The King and Queen (or imagery of such) may not be defiled, mocked, or defamed by any individual whatsoever.
  • 6.) Relationships outside marriage or mutual romantic relationship (referred to as 'cheating') is prohibited.
  • 7.) Violence against a government official, the King or Queen, or one's spouse or significant other is strictly forbidden.
  • 8.) Latlazerian slaves are to be provided with food, water, and shelter by their designated owners. Such slaves may also not be treated harshly under any means, and are to only be treated to serve their owner.
  • 9.) Latlazerians, upon marriage, must undergo consummation, also referred to as "claiming".
  • 10.) The Arbiters, and its races, are to be treated as enemies. (NOTE: This rule is not required to be followed by Arbiters races)
  • 11.) The King and Queen of the Latlazerian race are to be treated with respect at all times. This also includes advisers to the royals, and any other government official.
  • 12.) Any outside relations with the Umbristic State, Cult of Vishnu, Sorcerers of the Red Eye (SOTRE or Red Council), Faljaar race, or the Herasothian Empire is STRICTLY prohibited.
  • 13.) Public buildings may not be named "Covfefe", "Buttsauce", or "Jingle". An explanation will not be provided.
  • 14.) Religion of any race is to be tolerated, but is not required to convert to.
  • 15.) The Latlazerian flag is to be mounted, flown, or displayed in any public building. This is not required for private residences or outside races.
  • 16.) Zal'nier communications should only be dealt with by Latlazerian officials. Outside races are not required to follow this rule.
  • 17.) Public nudity is prohibited.
  • 18.) Disrespect to the royal family is forbidden.
  • 19.) Upon the death of the King and Queen, their existing offspring are to take the throne. The nation is to be split into the amount of offspring, and each offspring inherits a nation as its new ruler. However, they are not to be coronated until they find a mate/spouse, and the nation is to be run by officials and advisors until then. The split nations are also to live and build independently.