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Due to Uloff's strangely mystical atmosphere, individuals, and, occasionally machinery, are able to harness these mystical properties and use magic. Magic is a broad term for several studies of different types of ways these mystical properties are handled and used. The use of magic has existed since ancient Uloff, and is able to be used by every race. Some races are naturally born to use magic, while some are trained in it. Rarely, a race has its own type of magic that only said race is able to use.

Two forms of magic are identified by Uloff inhabitants: Light magic, which is used for defensive, support, or aiding others, and Dark magic, which is used for offensive, harmful reasons. The names are often seen as misleading, as both forms can be used for good and evil, regardless whether its dark or light.

Types of Magic[]


Arcane is a powerful form of light magic that is often used for defensive and supportive reasons. The form of magic uses the wielder's will, patience, knowledge, and concentration to contort mystical energy around the caster, and uses it depending on the spell the caster used. Arcane is learned through deep study, and is often seen as one of the longest forms of magic to learn and master.

Many variants of Arcane exist, though all follow under the fundamental principles of Arcane. The most prevalent variation is Mana-etched Arcane, which is the use of Mana when using or casting Arcane.


Brahmistic Magic is a rare form of light magic that is used to heal an individual's mind or emotions, and brings a sense of order and serenity to both its caster and its target. Although it is seen as impossible to learn, especially in conjunction with other studies of magic, there are a few individuals who have successfully learned it.


Dark Sorcery, otherwise known as just Sorcery, is a powerful form of dark magic that is often used for offensive reasons. Sorcery is seen as the polar opposite of Arcane, as it has similar abilities, only that Sorcery's abilities are mostly concentrated on harming or killing individuals. It is seen as a destructive study that can often lead those who wield it to madness. Like Arcane, Sorcery contorts and bends mystical energy surrounding the caster, only that it is fueled by the caster's hate, rage, and desire to harm.

Unlike Arcane, Sorcery causes physical changes to its wielder, which varies depending on how powerful the wielder is with the magic study. Common changes include luminescent red/orange eyes, shadows around the eyes, and, rarely, disfigurement of the face, rapid aging, and causing the wielder's sclera to turn black.


Elementalist Magic, not to be confused with Dryadic Magic, is a form of light magic that focuses on harnessing the power of the four elements of life (water, fire, wind, and earth), and using them to aid its caster. The only abilities that this study can use are purely for defensive and healing reasons.


Soulweaver magic is a form of dark magic that acts as the counter of Brahmistic magic. Unlike its lighter counterpart, Soulweaver magic is used to harm an individual's mind and emotions, aspiring fear, paranoia, and madness within a victim. Also, if a victim's will and mind is weak enough, then the study of magic is able to steal the soul of the victim, and contort the body into a disfigured abomination with no mind or emotion.

The study is also known as Haedistic Magic, due to its connections with the God of Madness, Haed'Vishnu.


Dryadic Magic is a form of light magic that allows its wielder to harness the power of nature, and use it to heal and protect the caster and their targets.


Latlistic Magic is a rare form of neutral-based magic that allows its wielder to contort, manipulate, create, or destroy dimensional space. Using this form, a caster can manipulate dimensions at their fingertips, along with being able to warp, clone themselves, and fly. This form of magic, however, is exclusive to the Latlazerian race, though not all Latlazerians know how to use the magic.


Necromancy, in its purest sense, is a powerful form of dark magic that allows its caster to speak to and raise the dead, along with harnessing power from the souls of individuals. Necromancy is the darkest study of magic on Uloff, and is often discouraged, or even banned, to learn and study. Necromancy also takes its toll on its wielder, driving them to madness and causing them to hunger for souls and death.

Racial Magic Use[]