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Moridahn is a continent on the other side of Uloff, and one of the three continents on it. The other two continents are Gaderon and Blackfall. Moridahn is home to Elves, Dark Elves, Dryads, and Orcs. Next to it lies Gaderon, the continent of Jaar, Gnomes, Humans, and Jin'tulu.

Planets: UloffPinokMirlanioZal'rom

Continents: MoridahnGaderonStrog'ar

Moridahn - Sairos SteppesTherisarDarkgladeArtu PeninsulaNasharSaraban Wilds
Gaderon - Dursun ForestGarnimmarJoral MountainsThe Oozing MarshFjordinheimRift of TerrorThe Black Cave
Blackfall - LaarTalonvaleShadow RidgeOakfall CoastThe Lost Warfield

Major Cities:
Moridahn - Dirash'jGrath CitadelEsariTha'nore
Gaderon - IronwallFjordinmiirKai'sheekTubetown
Blackfall - RooksmiirLazareithHerasothiaLaar Hold

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