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Naming the Player is crucial to the Character Creation process. Once the name is set, it cannot be changed (Unless certain items are purchased). The Player name is displayed to other users, which helps others identify the player. It is also used by some NPCs, and is displayed in the main HUD and Character Menu. While most names are allowed, some are prohibited and will not allow the name to be used (along with a message depending on what name is chosen). If the played is having trouble decide a name, a randomizer is available. Numbers, Underscores, Special Characters, and spaces are not allowed in names.

Prohibited Names

Below is a list of names, and the message that is displayed when the user attempts to apply it.

(Any name that is already taken) - "That name is already being used"

(Name of any follower) - "Try to be more original"

Bjorin - "No."

Earnet - "Let's not, okay?"

Nihilus - "Hail UMBRA"

Mirage - "How about we don't use that?"

Kalcatt - "Nope."

Krono - "No..."

Lamporus - "Never."

Farlenefal - (using this name will cause the screen to go red for a split second, and crash the game. This is on purpose).

(Name of any Faction) - "Wow."

(Name of any race) - "Nice try."

Mordread - "Go die painfully."

Mirio - "Please don't..."

(Name of any other significant NPC) - "That name is not allowed"

Other Prohibited Names

Like above, except these names are unrelated to Age of Warscape, and are sometimes references to other content.

Illummix - "Really?" - (Reference to one of the developers of AoWS, and a member of Illummix Studios, which is named after him)

Warcraft - "MY DAD!" - (Reference to World of Warcraft, which is one of the games AoWS is inspired by)

Vette - "Wow. Let's not do that." - (Reference to Vette; A character from Star Wars: The Old Republic who also cameos, is referenced, and/or constantly appears in other Illummix content).

Potter - "YOU ARE NOT A WIZARD, HARRY!" - (Reference to Harry Potter)

Mineman - "...What?" - (Reference to Minecraft)

Memes - "You are not a Meme Machine" or "Dank." - (Reference to Internet Memes)

(Any Profane Language) - "Language, son..."

AAAA (any number of A's) - "How Creative..."