Age of Warscape Wiki
2nd Legion
Grath Citadel
Average Height
Skin Colours
Hair Colours
None (male)
Black (female)
Eye Colours
Distinctive Features
Horned, Muscular Build, Tusks
Grathian/Old Orcish (formerly)
New Orcish
Life Span
200 years
Carnivorous, later Herbivorous

The Orcs are a primary species appearing in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. They are one of the ten dominant species on Uloff, and are common in western Moridahn. Once a savage and destructive race, the Orcs have abandoned their old ways and now live a faithful, humbled life, mastering in the art of elemental magic. They are currently led by Dar'rog, who was responsible for teaching the race to live a better life. The Orc race is allied with the 2nd Legion, and is a playable species in the faction.


The Orc Emblem

Orcs were not always the wisest creatures, once being as mindless as the Mountain Trolls in Gaderon. The Orcs lived in a continent named Moridahn, on the western shores of Saraban Wilds. It was one day that a small group of Latlazerians had tainted them, giving them great intelligence to make them their own puppets. However, with the intelligence, they were turned into a path of darkness, killing the native Elves of their land.

It was an Orc named Dar'rog that stood up for the Elves and told his kin to realize their savagery. With the acknowledgement that they had slaughtered many lives just for what felt like glory, the Orcs retreated to the woods and spoke of what to do next. Despite their retreat, they became hunted by Elves, as vengeance was the only thing on the Elves' mind. A small fleet had set off to find a new homeland, since they knew they are not welcome in Moridahn any longer. They came across the Jaar in Fjordinheim and they soon realized they have similar interests. The Orcs soon became allies with the Jaar, and were tought new skills while they were in Fjordinheim. The Orcs began to turn away all violence, and soon became pacifistic, using the elements of nature to aid them. The Orcs returned to Moridahn with their new ideals, and settled back in to their capital city of Grath Citadel.

When the Great War had begun, the 2nd Legion—formed by the Jaar—had offered the Orc race to join them. The Orcs had accepted their offer, but only to provide support and defense. Now, they fight alongside the 2nd Legion and fight for a purpose. But... only for a purpose, for they know the consequences of fighting for no reason.


Most Orcs are red and orange, but some can be violet. By nature, almost all orcs are muscular and brutish, and have tusks that point outwards or upwards. There are large horns that grow from their shoulders, as well. The eyes of an Orc usually have grey sclera, similar to that of Dark Elves, and slightly luminescent iris (which can vary from white, blue, or yellow). Their horns, tusks, and eyes were said to appear after the corruption of the Orcs.

An Orc is also characterized with their long, thin, dog-like ears, which are normally pierced. Orcs are also known to wear long, lightly armoured robes and gauntlets, and will only wear full armour for ceremonial or festive reasons.


Despite the size and brutality of these people, they have resorted to speaking with spirits of Nature, Flame, and Water. The Orcs that are not wise are at the lowest caste of their society, known as "Kürsh". As an Elementalist Society, the Orcs strive to connect with these spirits and use their power to their advantage. In battle, they calmly speak to the Spirits and use their powers to the Orc's advantage. Usually, they will only use their powers to provide support and defense, and will rarely ever use them offensively.


The Orcs are lead by High-Seer Dar'rog. Dar'rog is a silent but wise Orc. He was one of the first to reject this savage killing that took over his people, and helped teach his people to become pacifistic, and to connect with the spirits. Dar'rog is not too fond of Jaar leader Warlord Bjorin due to his brutality, but stays on his side due to their excellent defense and powerful weapons.