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Sarios Steppes is a small region located in Northeastern Moridahn. It connects to Nashar in the South, and Darkglade in the West. Currently, it is a Neutral region.


Sarios Steppes appears exactly like its name implies; it is a small, almost-flat region with scarce vegetation. However, the region is well known to quickly drop into The Churning Sea, which steep cliffs and jagged rocks at the end. It has been declared as a graveyard for foolish travelers, as the region can drop very quickly. The South-most side of Sarios also is slightly flooded due to it connecting to Nashar. A small portion of the Western side of the Steppes is also slightly tinged purple due to mana exposure, due to Darkglade being located to its West.

The region is also known to contain rich deposits of sulfur and various minerals.


"The dangers of Sairos Steppes have been a graveyard for careless travelers for many years. Located in northeast Moridahn, the Steppes have been known to be the deathplace of wanderers, armies, and sailors. Its geography consists of jagged rocks and cliffs, and steep drops. However, this area is rich in gunpowder and minerals, which can be very useful to some. At first, it may seem flat like a steppe, but then eventually drops into the Churning Sea"

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