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A Shadowling

Shadowlings are slender, dark creatures that stalk Uloff within the shadows, acting as a mob race. Shadowlings have earned the reputation to be highly feared in night or in dark places, and are hard to fight off and walk away unharmed. They are fightable in any continent, but only in lowlight locations or during the night.


Shadowlings were originally created by an old sorcerer known as Grand Sorcerer Niate on accident. Shadowlings decided to go rogue, and began to disobey Niate and his cult. They began to follow darker beings, most commonly Necromancers. They eventually came to follow The Shadow Lord, as he was the most powerful necromancer existing. Shadow Lord utilized the Shadowlings' brutal power and bloodlust to aid him in his terrorist attacks. Shadowlings began to follow UMBRA in general, and are currently lead by Shadow Enforcer, the general of UMBRAs armies.


A Shadowling typically stands at 7'-9' tall, although one's height can vary. Shadowlings have black skin, large red eyes, and a tattered mouth (which is usually closed and not visible). A Shadowling's body is thin. and slender, showing more skeletal structure rather than muscle and skin. Shadowling's have 3 long, sharp fingers and toes on each hand and foot.


Shadowlings are known to have a habit to stalk their victims before attacking, usually in the shadows. Shadowlings are able to hide in the dark by blending in using their skin color, making them almost invisible. After haunting their victim for long enough, they will blind their victim, and rips the victim's body apart using its claws.


Shadowlings will follow dark, powerful people. In Age of Warscape, Shadowlings follow The Shadow Lord and UMBRA. Being a mob race, the Shadowlings do not necessarily have a specific leader.