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Sorcerers of the Red Eye
Grand Sorcerer Niate
Dark Elf

The Sorcerers of the Red Eye (abbr. SOTRE; also known as the Red Council, Cult of the Red Eye, and the Red Cult) is a minor political faction that is a destructive cult worshiping The Red Eye as their deity. It is a multi-race faction that is comprised completely out of individuals that practice Dark Sorcery. The faction has multiple connections with the Faljaar Movement and the Umbristic State, and is aggressive to the 2nd Legion and The Arbiters.

The cult's controlled territory is unknown, and is possible that it does not control territory, unlike other groups. It does, however, hold control of a small area in Moridahn, where it is suspectedly headquartered in. Members are normally found hidden everywhere.


The Red Council was initially created by a Human Dark Sorcerer known only as "The Negator" as a cult that worshiped The Red Eye as a god. Negator was known as the "Emissary to the Red Eye", acting as the creature's prophet and voice. However, he was discovered by King Ron's Task Forces, and was executed for practicing in Dark Sorcery, which was (and still is) illegal in Human society. However, Negator's apprentice, a Human male named Kallas Niate, became the Red Eye's 2nd Emissary and Prophet, and ascended to become the leader of the Red Council. Niate was also given the title of "Grand Sorcerer", and began to reform the cult to become highly destructive.

Niate's cult began to start sacrificing and lynching innocents, regardless of race, all in the name of the Red Eye. The cult had also incorporated cruel, inhumane methods to torture, murder, and sacrifice their victims. They had established a hidden headquarters somewhere in Moridahn, and had deployed multiple followers all over Uloff. The Red Council continues to sacrifice and lynch innocents throughout Uloff, and have also defiled and vandalized multiple monuments and buildings.