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'''Umbrism''', also referred to as '''Radical Atheistic Terrorism''', is an ideology that uses extreme violence and cruel torture methods in hopes of enforcing their beliefs upon society, which primarily includesrevolves around an authoritarian, strict atheismrule. Although not necessarily killing its target groups, Umbrists use grotesque, illegal, and downright sinister torture methods in hopes of "correcting" the minds of the target groups. In most non-Umbristic societies, the very thought of the ideology is considered taboo, and is heavily outlawed.
It is primarily practiced within the [[Umbristic State]], which adopted the forgotten ideology.
The true origin of Umbrism is not well-known, but it is suggested that it originates from a hidden cult, thatlikely worshippedbeing an early incarnation of the [[TheSorcerers of the Red Eye]]. However, since his rise, [[Lord Jesavich]] had adopted the ideology and enchancedenhanced its beliefs (despite him not actually believing in it), and had spread it across the known [[Uloff]], gaining more than 2,000,000 followers. Since then, Umbrism had commonly been associated with [[Lord Jesavich]], and was also associated with the [[Faljaar]], who also practiced the ideology to a certain extent.
Using violence, Umbrists tend to kidnap, harm, and torture those who they target, and bring them to special locations designed for extreme torture, known as "Torture Camps", which are hidden throughout Uloff. If the victim refuses to change their beliefs or does not accept Umbrism, they victim is usually subjected to more harsh torture and experimentation. If all else fails, the victim is deemed as "Unfixable" and is executed.
The main goal of the Umbrism is to have total control over every world regime, and to have no opposition to them. Their beliefs are often totalitarian, and demand total control over everything.

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