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Before Warscape[]


Planet Uloff: a large, inhabitable planet that is not too far from Earth. Unlike Earth, Uloff has a different atmospheric pressure, allowing mystical properties to flow through more obviously, and allow other beings to harness this power. This also prevents the planet from being seen from other planets, including being seen from a telescope. Uloff is behind in technology compared to Earth, and uses Steam-Powered vehicles and mount animals rather than use cars and planes. Uloff is home to hundreds of different species. The dominating species are the Humans, Jaar, Jin'tulu, Latlazerians, Elves, Dark Elves, Gnomes, Orcs, Dryads, and Herasothians. Uloff is mostly water, with only 3 known continents.

Uloff has three moons: Mirlanio, Pinok, and Zal'rom. Mirlanio and Pinok are uninhabited, but Zal’rom is. The Zal’rom moon is the largest of the three, and has an entire stable ecosystem and breathable atmosphere. Zal’rom is mostly urban and covered in large cities, although there are some wilderness areas. This moon is also home to a species known as Zal'nier. A Zal’nier typically has a very peaceful and calm personality, and tend to avoid conflict. However, if provoked, defending, or attacking, a Zal’nier will use their highly thought-out battle tactics and lethal attack patterns. They have advanced technology, and live in modernity (unlike Uloff). However, it is extremely rare for a Zal’nier to leave Zal’rom and to go to another planet (This is usually done for political reasons). The Zal’nier have an imperial/autocratic government. Their current leader is Emperor Biasniel.

Zal’nier are rare to see on Uloff or on Earth, and are usually there for political or exploration reasons.

Uloff’s climate is very balanced, with cold winters and warm summers. During the summer, temperatures can range between 60-70*F. During winter, the temperatures can drop to almost -10*f. Uloff’s weather is typically balanced, although it is usually more harsh in the winter. The day/night time lasts for about 14 Earth hours, making an entire day on Uloff 28 hours in total. During the night, mystic energy currently in the atmosphere causes the temperature to drop 5*F.

Uloff’s origin still remains a mystery. Some believe that the planet was created by the gods Ohm'Brahman (The God of Order) and Haed'Vishnu (The God of Madness), others believe that it was created during “The Big Bang”. The true origin remains unknown, although Zal’nier scholars are attempting to find out.

The most common race appearing on Uloff are the Jaar. Jaar are tall, broad, human-like beings. They almost always have facial hair (except in females), and will sometimes style it to make them look more honorful. Older Jaar who have passed initiation will wear (typically) red warpaint. A lot of Jaar are referred to as giants by people who are not in the knowing about Jaar, mainly due to their height (which can measure up to 9 feet), their broad upper-body, and their lengthy hair. Jaar are not as civilized as most races, and are typically rather brutal and savage. Jaar value glory and honor, and will do almost anything to defend it. Jaar are known to use war-axes and heavy armor, and will most likely strike first.

Human Migration[]

Back during the earlier days of Uloff, the Jaar lived on a continent known as Strog'ar. Some of the Jaar eventually began to see the entire race’s savagery, and became disgusted by it. Eventually, these Jaar left Strog’ar on rafts, and sailed for a new land. However, this trip was not successful at first. These Jaar became lost at sea (which is “The Churning Sea”, the only ocean on Uloff), and had little chance of survival. On the brink of this group’s death, their rafts were pushed across the ocean by a being made of light. These Jaar noticed the being was Ohm’Brahman, the God of Order. The group of Jaar eventually landed on the continent of Gaderon, where they began to set up civilizations. Eventually, this group of Jaar expanded, changed their physical appearance to a much smaller and skinnier version, and became known as Humans. Humans also tend to shave facial hair, to show that they have nothing to hide from Ohm’Brahman (although some Humans have little facial hair), which they now worship for saving their lives at sea. The Humans built their capital in the forests of Gaderon, calling it “Ironwall”. The Humans grew more and more, and became an entire race rather than a group.

Elven Awakening[]

On the continent of Moridahn, another continent which is close to Gaderon, a race has been sleeping for almost 1,000 years. This race is the Elven race, a race of tall human-like beings with the ability to use arcane magic, and they have been dormant in attempt to cleanse their spiritual selves and become pure. However, a small group of Elves woke early, including one of the monarchs of the Elven race, Lord Rezix. Rezix and the awakened Elves gained more brutish features, and a darker skin tone. These Elves became known as “Dark Elves”. The Dark Elves began to build their civilizations on Moridahn, and began to practice dark arcane magic. A month after the Dark Elves awoke, the Elven race began to wake from their thousand-year-sleep. Lady Eletha, the other monarch of the Elven race, woke up to see quite a few Elves missing, along with Lord Rezix. The Elves began to rebuild their civilizations once again, and came across one of the Dark Elf towns. Eletha saw what some of the Elves have become, including Lord Rezix. She told them that, because they awoke a month early, they have lost all purity in their bodies. Rezix did not listen to her, and demanded that she left. Eletha became angered by her husband’s aggressiveness, and warned him that, because he is now impure, he will become tainted by darkness. Rezix laughed in her face, and commanded a small group of Dark Elves to kill Eletha. Eletha got away alive, and was heartbroken by Rezix and the Dark Elves’ betrayal. She ordered a divorce on Rezix, and tried to hold the Elven race together, despite there being only one monarch rather than two.

As the Elven race began to rebuild and reshape their government and cities, a race of nature-connected beings known as the Dryads became to approach the rebuilding Elves out of interest. Most of the Dryads have bark-like skin with a green tint, twigs and antlers protruding from their bodies, and two-toed feet. Some Dryads, especially Dryad warriors, are satyr-like. The Dryads and Elves eventually became fond of one another, and forged an alliance between the two races. The Elves continued to work on their civilizations, and were commonly messed with by young Dryads.

After a while, the Humans began to explore Moridahn, and encountered the Dryads and Elves. The Dryads and Elves welcomed the Humans, and helped them navigate around Moridahn (although the Elves tried to avoid the Dark Elf civilizations). The Humans befriended and allied themselves with the Elves and Dryads, and left for Gaderon. The races began to live in peace, with no conflict or tension… yet.

Herasothian Arrival[]

As things seem to be going well, a species known as the Herasothians, lead by the merciless King Zavaclien Lamporus, began to migrate to Uloff, bringing their brutal and vicious ways with them. Herasothians are identified by their humanoid body structure, deep-blue skin pigmentation, lack of arms or legs (hands are connected to body by ghost-like wisps, and individuals move around by levitating. A large, ghost-like wisp is seen in replacement of legs), luminescent blue (or red) eyes, indigo hair, and sharpened teeth. The Herasothians establish their capital city, Herasothia, on the continent Strog’ar, and begin to spread across Uloff. The Humans learned of the horrible things the Herasothians have done on other worlds (from rumours and history texts), and King Ron, the king of the Human race, leads an attack on a Herasothian civilization close to Ironwall. This attack caused 50 Herasothian deaths, along with the Herasothian Queen. Lamporus became infuriated by this, and ordered a human holocaust to take place. An enormous amount of Humans were killed, and even more injured. Ron and a small group of Humans attempt to apologize to Lamporus (who was visiting a Herasothian Civilization on Gaderon). Lamporus was disgusted by this, and killed every human in the group and injured Ron. Lamporus began to establish the Herasothian Empire, and quickly gained even more followers and lost a few followers in the process. Those who deserted Lamporus began to migrate across Moridahn and Gaderon, and some told the Humans of Lamporus's plans. Ron and his forces managed to push the Herasothian Empire back to Strog'ar, delaying the full development of the Empire. Now, Lamporus waits in Herasothia for the perfect moment to strike.


Warscape: The time when the lands of Uloff were at war

The Corruption[]

Back on Strog’ar, many Jaar began to practice the dark arts of Necromancy. Jaar who practiced Necromancy became corrupted by dark energy, and these Jaar became known as “Faljaar”. Some Jaar, who refused to practice Necromancy, became known as “True Jaar” (or just Jaar), and saw the corruption that the Faljaar were creating by practicing the dark magic. The Jaar attempted to stop the Faljaar from spreading their corruption to Moridahn and Gaderon. The Jaar group was lead by the fearless warlord of Jaar: Cjorg Thykesnev. Cjorg stood up against the Faljaar, and lead a group of Jaar into battle against the leader of the Faljaar: Skornjir the Insane. The Jaar and the Faljaar became engaged in a gruesome battle. However, with Necromancy on their side, the Faljaar overpowered and outnumbered the Jaar. Eventually, Cjorg ordered a retreat, and the group of surviving Jaar left Strog’ar and sailed to Gaderon. The Jaar arrived on the southern tip of Gaderon, and named the land “Fjordinheim”. The Jaar began to set up their capital in Fjordinheim, and named it “Fjordinmiir”. The Jaar began to expand and flourish on Gaderon.

With the Jaar off of Strog’ar, the Faljaar began to practice Necromancy even more, further expanding the corruption off of Strog’ar and to Moridahn. The corruption hit Moridahn, and began to corrupt the landscape. The Dryads were infuriated by this, and a small group of Dryad Priests attempted to stop the corruption. Unfortunately, the Corruption was too strong, and caused the energy inside the Dryad Priests to combust. The Dryads’ hate turned to fear, and they all began to hide in their capital city of Esari. Eventually, the Dryad leader, K'abu, decided that he had enough of the corruption, and sacrificed his physical being to release mass amounts of energy in order to push the corruption back to Strog’ar. K’abu’s plan succeeded, and the dark energy was pushed back to Strog’ar. Now, High Prophet Surin leads the Dryad race, with K’abu’s spirit guiding him.

Strog’ar became known as Blackfall, and still houses the Faljaar, along with the capital city of the Herasothians and the Herasothian Empire.


Another race, the Latlazerians, reside on the west coast of Moridahn. Latlazerians are a humanoid race, which are recognized by their dark grey skin, long (usually black, but sometimes dyed) hair in both genders, toned muscle structure, and a facial shape that resembles that of a Coat of Arms (with a geometric shape, having two points in the top corners and one point in the bottom middle). After awhile, due to poor living conditions on the coast, the Latlazerians begin to move east to find a better land to build their homes. They built a town close to an Elf civilization. The Elves perceived this as a future invasion, and felt threatened by the Latlazerians settling near them. The Elves attack the Latlazerian town, and take them all as prisoners. Latlazerians began to be used as slaves, using males for labor and females for entertainment (singers, dancers, bartending, etc.). Eventually, a Latlazerian by the name of Zebustian Zilatican eventually got tired of Latlazerians being used as slaves, and began a movement and liberated all captive Latlazerians. He taught the Latlazerians of their hidden ability to manipulate dimensions, and their other powers. The other races learned of their powers, and began to respect them more (some even fearing them). The Latlazerians began to coexist with the other races, and created their capital city on the south side of Blackfall. Nowadays, Latlazerians no longer are treated like slaves. Males now are normally warriors and defenders, and females normally work in taverns and bars.

Human/Jaar Tensions[]

Eventually, the Humans received the news about a new race in Gaderon (which is the Jaar, who the Humans have not seen in a long time). The Humans travel to the southern tip of Gaderon to see the new race for themselves. They come across the Jaar, along with their leader, Warlord Cjorg. The Jaar barely recognize the Humans, and introduce themselves. The Humans, perceiving the Jaar as giant monsters, attack them out of fear (as they have not seen actual Jaar for a long time). The attack lead to the death of Warlord Cjorg, and was slain at the hand of King Ron’s son, Prince Earnet (who was accompanying the Humans). Nearby, Cjorg’s son, Bjorin Thykesnev, witnessed Earnet cutting down Cjorg. As Earnet left, Bjorin declared that the Human race “will burn for their murderous behaviors”, and became the new Warlord of the Jaar race.

Tension begins to build up between the Jaar and Humans, and both show signs of aggression by Bjorin building his armies and Ron building higher defenses. However, on Moridahn, things begin to go downhill. One of the inhabiting races on Moridahn, the Orcs, have been targeted. Orcs resemble large, bulky humanoids. They have a skin pigmentation that can range between yellow, orange, and sometimes violet. They typically have an under-bite, and have tusks protruding from the bottom side of the mouth, and point upward. Their ears are much like that of a bloodhound, and their foreheads and shoulders are commonly covered in horns.

First War of Moridahn[]

The Orcs, who heard of the tension between the Jaar and the Humans, try to stay away from other races to avoid conflict, as Orcs are highly spiritual, wise, and hate violence. However, the Orcs are tainted by darker and more evil Latlazerians, referred to by Humans as Latlazerian Demons (due to their demonic behaviors). The Orcs became highly savage, and began to kill and destroy anyone and anything in their path. The Orcs attacked an Elf civilization, killing hundreds of innocent Elves. The Elves became enraged by this, and dispatched a small hunting party to hunt down the Orcs. Some Orcs were killed by the hunting party, but the party was captured and eaten. The Orcs perceived this as a threat, and decided to attack the Elven Capital. Thousands of Orcs swarmed the capital, as the Elves frantically tried to defend it, and prevail in doing so. However, the Elves lost a lot of lives to the Orcs. After the attack, The Orcs retreat and go into hiding. The Elves perceive this as the Orcs are planning their next attack, and decide to attack them in retaliation. Many Orcs were lost, and ran off into hiding, never to be heard from again. The Elves connected with the Humans, who live fairly close to them. The Humans told the Elves that most Orcs and their leader, Dar'rog, are in Fjordinheim, the land of the Human's enemy: The Jaar. The Humans and Elves decided to fight with each other, both hoping that they can aid in taking down their enemies in Fjordinheim.

First War of Gaderon[]

The Humans, after investigating (and attacking) the Jaar, traveled back to Ironwall. On their way back, they encountered a humanoid reptilian species known as the Jin'tulu. Jin’tulu resemble anthropomorphic lizards, and have teal coloured scales. They have eyes with narrow pupils, and are met with red/orange sclera. Jin’tulu also normally have slick, black hair (unless dyed). In male Jin’tulu, horns reside on the tail. The Jin'tulu observed the Humans, and decided to offer them a peace offering. The Humans, a bit suspicious of the Jin'tulu (due to the fact that they originate and have their capital in northern Fjordinheim), did not approve of it at first. Although, the Humans reminded themselves that having more allies will help take down the Jaar, especially allies who live in Fjordinheim, the capital land of the Jaar. The Humans welcomed them, and accepted the Peace offering from the Jin'tulu. The Jin'tulu decided to have a feast in celebration with the Humans. The Humans attended the feast, but did not bring anything to it. The Jin'tulu were slightly annoyed by this, but were not bothered too much by it. Jaar spies have discovered the alliance between their neighbouring species (The Jin'tulu) and their longtime enemies (The Human), and informed Warlord Bjorin about this. Bjorin was outraged by this, and ventured to northern Gaderon to look for a race to ally with.

The Jaar ran into the Gnome race, who found the Jaar to their splendor. The Gnomes look much like Humans, but are noticeably shorter. Gnomes usually never have facial hair, and it is genetically impossible for Gnomes to grow beards (it is possible to grow mustaches). The Gnomes and Jaar forged an alliance, as Bjorin saw their excellent machinery and explosive-skills. The Jaar assembled their armies with the Gnomes at their side, and decided to finally destroy their enemies. The Jaar and Gnomes began to attack Ironwall, which the Humans did not expect. The Humans attempted to defend against the two species, but the odds were not in their favor. The Humans noticed that they were significantly outnumbered, and King Ron contacted Chieftain Rhanakhed, the Jin'tulu leader, to aid them in the attack. The Jin'tulu rushed to Ironwall, and helped the Humans defend their capital city against the attacking races. The Jaar and Gnomes were driven off by the Jin'tulu's unique fighting skills and the surprise attack. The Jaar and Gnomes retreated to Fjordinheim to plan another attack on the united Jin'tulu and Humans.

Ron and Rhanakhed saw an opportunity to attack, and immediately began to move toward Fjordinheim. The Jaar and Gnomes noticed the Humans and Jin'tulu coming to them, and mobilized their armies and attempted to stop their enemies from reaching Fjordinheim. The four races had a very gruesome battle, resulting in hundreds of deaths between them. Rhanakhed was terribly injured by Bjorin, and Bjorin was almost killed by Ron. The Jaar and Gnomes eventually began to overpower the enemy forces and caused the Humans and Jin'tulu to fall back to Ironwall. The Humans became more angered and vengeful to the Jaar and their allies, and summoned the Elves and the Dryads to Ironwall. The Dryads and Elves were interested in the Human's proposal, and decided to agree with the Humans’ war effort. Soon after, King Ron was poisoned by a small group of Jaar (who were really supporters of a secret terrorist organization, the UMBRA Insurgency, and not with Bjorin), resulting in Earnet, his heir, to rise to the throne. Earnet finished Ron's plans, and established the faction known as The Arbiters with the three allied races. Bjorin took this as a declaration of war. The Jaar established their faction with the Gnomes, calling it the 2nd Legion. The Jaar allied with the Orcs and Dark Elves, adding two new races to the Legion. The 2nd Legion declared war on the Arbiters, and began the Great War and escalated Warscape to its near peak.

The Great War[]

Tension between the six races climb more and more, and the armies and territories of The 2nd Legion and The Arbiters begin to expand. Both sides believe that the aggressor is the other faction, and both declare war upon each other. The two factions expand more, and begin to attack each other back and forth, most commonly in a land known as Garnimmar. As the carnage, armies, and territories escalated and grew, both faction leaders decided that they will not win without an individual who can face the other faction: The Faction Champion. Both leaders call for new recruits to be brought into their training camps, and trained the recruits with extreme tests in order to find the one individual to become the Faction Champion.

The war escalates further, more innocents are killed through war carnage, and destruction spreads across Uloff from the Factions attacking each other left and right. In order to put a stop to the mass carnage and destruction, a Faction Champion must step up, fight for their faction, and put an end to their opposing faction...