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A Character infobox is an infobox that is used for character articles.


| image = (Character Image; must be official and not fanart)
| rname = (The Character's known real name, not an alias)
| alias = (Other names/nicknames the character is known by)
| born = (The birth date and location of the character)
| died = (The death date and location of the character, if applicable. Leave blank if unknown or if the character isn't deceased.)
| factionicon = (2ndLegion, Arbiters, UMBRA, Coalition. Leave blank otherwise)
| race = (The character's race, if known)
| gender = (The character's gender, if known)
| height = (The approximate height of the character, if known)
| eye = (eye colour of the character)
| skin = (skin colour of the character)
| hair = (hair colour of the character)
| faction = (The character's faction. If none, put "Independent"; If unknown, put "Unknown")
| position = (Position held within their faction. Leave blank if independent or unknown)
| aff = (Other affiliations this character may have)
| first = (The Character's first appearance)
| last = (The last time that the character appeared)
| por = (Who the character is portrayed/Voiced by. If multiple actors, list them.)

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