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The Arbiters
Arbiter Symbol.png
King Earnet
Notable Members
Chieftain Rhanakhed
Lady Eletha
High Prophet Surin
We fight for the peace and tranquility of Uloff. If anyone or anything dares to threaten the peace and prosperity of our allies, then they shall feel the arm.
~ Lady Eletha

The Arbiters (also referred to as the Blue Faction or Arbiteerians) is one of the two major political factions on Uloff, and is the counterpart to the 2nd Legion. The faction is a largely diverse alliance between five different races, whom are all bound together by the idea to bring a new world of peace and justice to Uloff, primarily through the force of military and peace-keeping, along with the spread of their ideas and cultures. With loyalty, nobility, and arcane on their side, the Blue Faction holds high hopes on bringing a new era of peace and justice to Uloff, and to wipe out anyone or anything that threatens its allies.

As a Human-led faction, the Arbiters holds control over most of eastern and northern Gaderon, and southern and central Moridahn. The bulk of the faction is mainly concentrated in northeastern and central Gaderon, where it holds the most territory.


The Arbiters Initiative, an act that was to intentionally commit largescale attacks and purges against races that were deemed dangerous, was originally planned by the first king of the Humans, King Ron. Initially prompted by the growing threats of the Jaar race, the Initiative was to be signed as a pact between allying races, allowing for said races to deliberately arrest, kill, and/or question dangerous races (specifically the Jaar race). The Initiative was to also form a task force to help enable this, simply referred to as "The Arbiter Force".

Ron had planned to inact the Arbiters Initiative, until he was assassinated by two Jaar. Earnet, Ron's son, swiftly took the throne, and, believing that Ron's assassination was at the hands of Jaar leader Warlord Bjorin, pushed the Arbiters Initiative into action. He formed the faction, naming it The Arbiters, with the Humans' allying races: The Jin'tulu, the Elves, and the Dryads. After the Herasothian race had become aligned to the Humans and was signed into the Arbiters, the faction had fully allowed for legal killing and capturing enemy races, which were primarily labeled as the Jaar and their allying races.

Soon after the Jaar had responded to the Arbiters' formation by forming their own faction (the 2nd Legion), the factions broke out into a global war across Uloff. Spreading massive destruction and causing immense carnage, the war led both of the factions to rapidly attack each other back and forth. It wasn't until King Earnet had decided to call in a group of new recruits that were to be trained, and later be picked off, to find the next individual meant to represent their faction and lead it into battle, known as the Faction Champion.

Short Description[]

The Arbiters are led by King Earnet, a noble hero that used to be as savage as the Jaar themselves. The Arbiters pride themselves for their Compassion, Faith, and Heroism. Within their colors are the cunning Humans, the prideful Elves, the nimble Jin'tulu, and the "green-thumbed" Dryads. It is one of the playable factions, and will react to the 2nd Legion with hostility.