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UMBRA Insurgency Symbol.png The Blood Warden
Real Name
Electrostasis, The Blood Warden, The Chaos Warden, Man without a soul, Crack in the System, Killer of Peace
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Political Information
Umbristic State
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First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
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I am not insane.. I am just victimized

- The Blood Warden

Electrostasis, normally under the alias The Blood Warden, is a male Zal'nier who is able to manipulate any type of energy around him, and will usually convert it into electricity, hence his name. He is an antagonist in Age of Warscape, as he made it his goal to cause a total extinction of all things living, and is responsible for aiding in the full establishment of the UMBRA Insurgency, along with resurrecting the Nazi scientist known as Jared Farlenefal. He is not physically seen in most storylines, and is only referenced and pictured.


Electrostasis's complete origin has been shrouded in mystery, and anybody who has ever known him well is either dead or traumatized (whether this is coincidental or not is still unknown). He became more known during the time in which a decision for the new Emperor of the Zal'nier race came around. He ran for the position, and was competing against another Zal'nier named Biasniel, who was one of his best friends since childhood. However, the race ended in Electrostasis losing. Biasniel took the throne, and left Electrostasis behind.

Electrostasis, living away from the other Zal'nier, began to experiment with new things and stretch the limits of the Zal'nier knowledge. He invented a cybernetic implant that, when attached to his head-tendrils, will give him the ability to manipulate and control energy around him. He installed this implant on himself, and was anxious to show it to Biasniel. However, Electrostasis was unaware that he had violated multiple laws, including being forbidden to experiment on one's self. Upon showing his equipment to Biasniel, he was exiled due to the violation of several laws. Electrostasis was dropped in the middle of a wasteland, and was left there to rot. His name was put to shame, and was publicized for violation of Zal'nier law. This fueled his burning need for revenge, and lost all sense of shame and forgiveness.

In unexpected effect of the cybernetic implants shorted his brain, causing him to lose his sanity, and having him feel no regret or mercy. He then went under the alias of the Blood Warden, and traveled to Uloff. Blood Warden then helped birth the UMBRA Insurgency, and resurrected an infamous scientist named Jared Farlenefal. He then went into hiding, and was never seen by anyone again. However, it is believed that he is hiding in the shadows of the UMBRA Insurgency, and is helped kept hidden by Lord Jesavich.


Blood Warden has purple skin, along with dark purple (sometimes depicted as black) markings on his face and head-tentacles. His head-tentacles have cybernetic attachments implanted on them, which ranges from wires to small, box-like machinery. His eyes are a luminescent red colour. On some occasions, the area around his eyes is darkened out, resulting in only his iris being visible in that area.

He wears a black trenchcoat, which is tattered around the bottom. He also sports a black chestplate, dark grey pants, and black knee-high boots. He is also seen wearing a silver coloured steel-plate on his chest, which is attached to several wires and cables.