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This article is about individuals corrupted/revived by Necromancy. For the Jaar variation of this, see Faljaar.

The Corrupted
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Lord Jesavich
UMBRA Insurgency

The Corrupted are a type of mob race who serve as enemy NPCs in Age of Warscape. The Corrupted are not a single race; Any race member who are corrupted by Dark Necromancy is considered "Corrupted". Corrupted are allied with the UMBRA Insurgency, and are unplayable and unselectable.


Dating back to the time when Necromancy was a major issue amoung races, especially among the Jaar, a single Jaar came into contact with pure dark energy generated from a Necromancer's scepter. The Jaar was immediately corrupted, darkening their skin tone, giving them purple-glowing eyes, and causing them to go completely homocidal and insane. Lord Jesavich had discovered this ability, and how to use it to corrupt a single person. He began using this technique to improve on any weaker UMBRA loyalist or soldier.


The appearance of a Corrupted is solely dependent on what race the Corrupted was before. Normally, Corrupted will have a darker skin-tone, purple iris, and will grow slightly larger. Corrupted will also have much more broad upper-bodies, and seemingly loose all blood within them.


Most corrupted are generally homocidal and/or insane. Again, it is dependent on what the personality of a Corrupted was before. On most occasions, a Corrupted will desire to kill or corrupt another individual.