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The Council is the governing body of the [[Gnome]] race.
==Current Members==
The Council is the governing group that leads the [[Gnome]] race. It consists of three gnomes who all have different attributes and combine them in mind and in combat. It is responsible for all decisions made for the race, and must bear the responsibilities of leading the entire race and overseeing all productions. The current Coucil members are [[High-Tinker Fizzra]], [[Techno-King Pinchblast]], and [[Forge-Lord Feezlebor]].
[[Technoking Pinchblast]]
[[High-Tinkerer Fizzra]]
The Council is allied with the [[2nd Legion]].
[[Forgelord Feezlebor]]

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The Council is the governing body of the Gnome race.

Current Members[]

Technoking Pinchblast

High-Tinkerer Fizzra

Forgelord Feezlebor