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Arbiter Symbol.png The Iron Warden
Real Name
Verona (Last name Unknown)
Iron Warden, "V"
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Dirty Blonde
Political Information
The Arbiters
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape

Keep talking and you'll have a sword for a spine

- Iron Warden

The Iron Warden is a female human, named Verona, who does mercenary work for a living. She is a unknown spectre to most, as only a few know her name, and even fewer know her face.

She makes use of any weapon she can find, but is most comfortable with a sword. She wears a special gauntlet, of which only a few were made. It allows her to generate an arcane shield, which can then be "thrown" as a burst of arcane magic. While lacking any lethal power, it can stun or blind opponents it hits.


Verona as very stern, and isn't one to joke around on missions. Her quiet and serious attitude gives people a reason to fear her, aside from the sword and shield she carries.


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The Iron Warden is part of mercenary guild, which deals out contracts and jobs. She is known to accompany Ertonius, a male human who's reckless personality usually gets on her nerves. Somehow they still manage to get along, with occasional fights and disagreements. Ertonius is one of the few people she trusts to know her name, although it is only her first name. He will usually refer to her as Verona, or V, instead of her mercenary title.