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Before the events of the game, Sorciris had been consuming life for generations, going from dimension to dimension to feed off of the hate and sorrow of people. It was until the God of Order, [[Ohm'Brahman]], had tracked down Sorciris and attempted to stop him from slaughtering more lives. After successfully taking down Sorciris, Ohm'Brahman had split the Soulless Apparition into pieces, and shattered its very mind and soul all across space and time. Ohm'Brahman had figured that he had eradicated the creature from existence, and returned to [[Uloff]].
However, a fragment of Sorciris had fallen to Uloff. It was until then that the [[Elf|Elves]] had discovered of its existence, and began to draw power from it to help boost their strength. However, this had caused the reawakening of Sorciris, which made it aware of its surroundings, despite being shattered across time. It was able to pull together other fragments that were located in the same dimension, which gave it the ability to exist on Uloff. Now, the being stalks Uloff as a spirit-like apparition, unable to harm anyone physically due to it not being physically complete. However, the being is able to enter ones mind and possess them.

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The Red Eye
Real Name
The Red Eye, The Monster, Red, Consumer of Light, Puppeteer, Soulless Apparition
Physical Appearance
Living embodiment of Arcane and Sorcery
Eye Colour
Red, luminescent
Skin Colour
Pitch black, with occasional red markings
Hair Colour
Political Information
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by

Sorciris (also referred to as The Red Eye) is a large creature who serves as a primary antagonist in Age of Warscape. It is the embodiment of all magic, arcane, sorcery, and energy on Uloff, and feeds off of the hate and sorrow of living creatures. It is known to tear apart and consume inhabited dimensions, and has a habit of possessing individuals and using them to do its bidding. Sorciris first appears in Age of Warscape: Origins.

Sorciris' voice actor remains unannounced. It is possible that it may have no personal voice actor, due to its lack in ability to physically speak.