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The Red Eye
Real Name
The Red Eye, The Monster, Red, Consumer of Light, Puppeteer, Soulless Apparition
Physical Appearance
Living embodiment of Arcane and Sorcery
Eye Colour
Red, luminescent
Skin Colour
Pitch black, with occasional red markings
Hair Colour
Political Information
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by

Sorciris (also referred to as The Red Eye) is a large creature who serves as a primary antagonist in Age of Warscape. It is the embodiment of all magic, arcane, sorcery, and energy on Uloff, and feeds off of the hate and sorrow of living creatures. It is known to tear apart and consume inhabited dimensions, radiate and invoke hatred and violence, and has a habit of possessing individuals and using them to do its bidding. Sorciris first appears in Age of Warscape: Origins.

Sorciris' voice actor remains unannounced. It is possible that it may have no personal voice actor, due to its lack in ability to physically speak.


The first known existence of Sorciris has always remained a mystery. It is suspected that it may have come from an imbalance within the mystical atmosphere of Uloff, which may have gained an area sentience. However, many suggest that Sorciris gained sentience when more and more people began to use the mystical energies. Regardless of its origins, Sorciris had grown in power, especially during Haed'Vishnu's corruption.

Since its rise in power, Sorciris had gained attention by individuals strong with the arts of sorcery. These individuals had then started to believe Sorciris to be an actual god, and suspect it to be their savior. These individuals had then formed a small cult, calling it the "Sorcerers of the Red Eye", and had gained more and more members. This cult had quickly become a destructive one, killing innocents and "sacrificing" them to Sorciris, whom they refer to as "The Red Eye". Sorciris itself had taken notice in this cult, and had appointed one devoted follower, Kallas Niate, as its Emissary and Prophet.

Sorciris' current intentions, goals, motivations, and even its location remains to be unknown.


Sorciris has a slightly-humanoid shape, save for the fact that it lacks in legs. Instead, it has a large, spirit-like tail that appears to have no end. Its body is completely black with red, luminescent markings. Its "skin" appears to be made of a liquid, almost smoke-like substance. In the middle of its "chest", there is a dark-red crystal, which likely acts as its "heart".

Its body seems to be fragmented, having multiple fragments "float" around its body, and having multiple areas on its body split. It also has three long, thin fingers on each hand, which appear to be disconnected from its arms. Said arms are able to fold into its body, making it seem to have no arms at all.

Its most notable feature is a large, red opening on its face, which may act as its eye. However, whether this is actually its eye is unknown.


Sorciris is well known to have a highly-aggressive and cruel personality, as well as having no sympathy or care to life. It regards life as completely pointless and a waste of space, and has no regards to how many it may kill or harm. It is also highly apathetic, and has no sense of love or kindness. It does, however, aspire hate and aggression upon living beings, and feeds off of their sorrow, hatred, and depression.