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Arbiter Symbol.png Trader Tre
Trader Tre Splash.jpg
Real Name
Tre Sovante
Traveling Merchant
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Dark Brown
Political Information
The Arbiters
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape
Portrayed by
[N-Cognito] (voice)

Time is money, and I've got a lot of both.

- Trader Tre

Trader Tre is a merchant who specializes in Rare materials and goods. He visits the Arbiter cities during the first week of every other month, traveling to one city each weekday. Each time he visits, he carries some different inventory. He will also appear during certain holiday events, selling themed items.

Rarely, he will sell special mounts and blueprints, some of which can only be bought from him.

While easily found during his market week, he can also be found at various bars, taverns and shops around the world. This is very rare, and players who find and talk to him are rewarded with the "Tre-de Secrets" achievement. Anyone with this achievement receive the title "Trader", and while wearing this title they receive a 20% Discount when purchasing items from him.

Trader Tre's 2nd Legion variant is (placeholder). Both share the same inventory, albeit with Faction variants where needed


Trader Tre exhibits your average free merchant attitude. Buy something or quit wasting his time.


Trader Tre wears a vest with a Wool trimming, and a puff around the collar. He sports a shirt with rolled up sleeves and fingerless gloves. His hair falls to one side, and he has a pair of goggles for when he's riding his motorcycle.


He shows up. He makes money. He leaves. That's all there is to know about him.