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Umbrism is a branch of terrorism which uses unlawful violence and destruction, usually without a political aim. On most occasions, Umbrism's aims are to put any non-practicers into torture and despair, usually using extreme methods, in attempt to correct what they see as the world's problems. Those who practice Umbrism are usually those who enjoy the suffering of others, and desire to see every non-Umbrist in despair and torture. The philosophy is mainly practiced by members of the UMBRA Insurgency, in which it originates.


Umbrism was originally founded by Jesavich Kerrien, using his beliefs to drive humanity into torture and despair. His philosophy was spread to likeminded people with similar intentions. All of those who believed in Umbrism united together to form the UMBRA Insurgency, which was close to 10,000 members. The Insurgency became highly militaristic, and used the Umbristic beliefs to keep their goals in mind. It also massively expanded to around 15 million members, and is still growing.


The underlying goal of Umbrism is to correct society's problems. It is seen that to do so, one must use torture methods and violence on people who are a causing factor of a problem on the planet. Umbrism opposes Religion, Peace, Socialism, Homosexuality, Transsexuals, Genderqueers, Non-binaries, Democracy, Bisexuals, Racism, and Sexism. Whatever Umbrists see as an opposition, they see that anyone that believes in or practices the said opposition is a contributing factor to society's issues. They will then intend to inhumanely torture the person into believing in Umbrism, and whatever they are or what they believe in is, indeed, false. Those who constantly refuse to turn to Umbrism are deemed as "unfixable", and are executed.


  • Anti-Religion
  • Atheism/Agnosticism
  • Terrorism
  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Anti-Racism
  • Anti-Sexism
  • Gender Binarism
  • Anti-Bisexuality
  • Anti-Genderqueer
  • Nihilism
  • Anarchism