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Umbrism, also referred to as Radical Atheistic Terrorism, is an ideology that uses extreme violence and cruel torture methods in hopes of enforcing their beliefs upon society, which primarily includes atheism. Although not necessarily killing its target groups, Umbrists use grotesque, illegal, and downright sinister torture methods in hopes of "correcting" the minds of the target groups. In most non-Umbristic societies, the very thought of the ideology is considered taboo, and is heavily outlawed.

It is primarily practiced within the Umbristic State, which adopted the forgotten ideology.


The true origin of Umbrism is not well-known, but it is suggested that it originates from a hidden cult that worshipped The Red Eye. However, since his rise, Lord Jesavich had adopted the ideology and enchanced its beliefs, and had spread it across the known Uloff, gaining more than 2,000,000 followers. Since then, Umbrism had commonly been associated with Lord Jesavich, and was also associated with the Faljaar, who also practiced the ideology to a certain extent.


Umbrism's most clear goals are to correct society's "problems", using extreme violence and torture methods. This includes overthrowing current government systems, and taking over and establish an Umbristic regime to enforce their beliefs. Using typically horrific and brutal torture methods, Umbrists attempt to correct those who oppose them or their beliefs, and inflict violence upon societies. They mainly target certain groups, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Religious Groups, such as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus
  • Convicted rapists, sex offenders, and criminals
  • Human Traffickers
  • Homosexuals and Bisexuals
  • Transsexuals
  • Activists, such as Feminists
  • Democrats and Liberals
  • Individuals convicted of child or domestic violence/abuse
  • Sexists and racists
  • Anarchists
  • Anti-Umbrists
  • Drug addicts
  • Pedophiles and the like
  • Individuals with certain mental disorders, such as Autism and Down Syndrome

Using violence, Umbrists tend to kidnap, harm, and torture those who they target, and bring them to special locations designed for extreme torture, known as "Torture Camps", which are hidden throughout Uloff. If the victim refuses to change their beliefs or does not accept Umbrism, they victim is usually subjected to more harsh torture and experimentation. If all else fails, the victim is deemed as "Unfixable" and is executed.

Torture Methods

Umbrists are well-known to have extreme torture methods that inflict as much pain as possible, without killing the victim. The Umbristic State has numerous plans of torture, and are often well-thought out. Umbristic torture is usually described as "horrible, violent, and something that will leave you scarred" and "something that no sane person can think up and commit to". Some torture methods may include:

  • Tying a victim to an inverted cross, inserting a rusted sword down the mouth, and letting the victim bleed out until they barely have enough blood to stay alive
  • Hanging the victim from barbed wire in a large shaft, in which is covered in razors
  • Slashing the victim's neck with a razor, and slowly pressing a lemon juice-covered knife in the wound
  • Cutting numerous holes in the victims body, and applying extreme heat to the open wounds
  • If transsexual or convicted rapist, forcefully castrating (or hysterectomizing) the victim, letting them bleed out to a certain point, and waterboarding them in their own blood. Sometimes also done on pedophiles
  • Hanging the victim by their own tongue over a large shaft
  • Injecting chemicals that cause extreme pain within the body, usually only being able to be removed by Umbristic scientists possessing certain equipment
  • Sewing the eyelids (sometimes even the mouth) shut. Usually done on pedophiles
  • Placing the victim in solitary confinement, which is usually a small, dark room with almost nothing in it
  • Starving the victim almost to a point of death
  • Exposing the victim to a high frequency sound (usually about 16,000Hz) at various decibel ranges, usually to a pain threshold without causing total deafness
  • Mutilating the victim, and letting them soak in their own (and sometimes a relative's) blood for a certain amount of time
  • Electrocuting the victim with a pain similar to the pain of labour
  • Burning a victim until their limbs no longer function, in which they are then amputated

Executions are known to be very similar to the torture methods. The only difference is that they are intentionally meant to kill the victim.

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