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Umbristic State
UMBRA Insurgency Symbol.png
Lord Jesavich (slightly)
Kalcatt (The Advisory)
The Plaguemaster (Correction Ministry)
Mirage (Corruption Ministry)
Dark Elf
Zal'nier (Uncommon)
Notable Members

The Umbristic State is an Umbristic, militaristic group of organizations and is a minor, antagonistic political faction in Age of Warscape: Origins and Age of Warscape. The Umbristic State was created in belief that, with correct strength and tactics, it can establish a new world order and kill all those who oppose their rule. With their highly sophisticated plans and their brute military force, the faction tears through villages and even cities, leaving a wake of death and torment in their path.

It is founded and currently lead presumably by Lord Jesavich, though his leadership of the faction remains to be disputed. The State is an unplayable faction, and is hostile to both The Arbiters and The 2nd Legion.


After Jesavich's brutal rise into necromancy and establishing an alliance with Skornjir the Insane, the leader of the Faljaar, he began to establish an Insurgency known as the "Umbristic State", along with adopting a forgotten ideology called Umbrism. Adopting the personality of a revolutionary leader, he sent messages throughout Uloff, explaining his false ideals and goals. These messages gained supporters and followers, and caused the organization to grow throughout every continent.

The Umbristic State's ideology quickly grew throughout Uloff, and grew even more supporters and followers, even within the race capital cities. LThis fact caught the race leaders by surprise, and could not do anything about it, as the supporters of the State are deep within the race cities. The Umbristic State began to attack anybody who rebelled against them, including the destruction of a large Human city. The attack had killed hundreds of Humans, causing King Ron to visit a neighboring city to help support his terrorized people.

During his visit, he was poisoned by Jaar soldiers, who were secretly supporters of the Umbristic State, and blamed the entire attack on the Jaar regime. The Humans immediately pulled their armies back, as their king was killed and they had no leader (until Ron's son, Earnet, takes the throne). The Humans suspected the attack was in retaliation to when the Humans attacked them awhile back out of fear, and that this attack was a Declaration of War. This caused The Arbiters to be formed, which invoked the Jaar into establishing the 2nd Legion with their allies to combat the aggressors and destroy their long hated enemies.

The Umbristic State mysteriously left Moridahn and Gaderon for unknown reasons, and began to hide in Strog'ar, likely due to the War between the Factions, and to keep out of it. The State was never heard from in Gaderon and Moridahn, however, their influence and corruption still stands within the continents, and their supporters still hide within the Arbiters or 2nd Legion ranks, under the leadership of the mysterious and highly dangerous Zenith. However, the Umbristic State itself is held back in Strog'ar by Coalition forces preventing them from leaving.


The Umbristic State is actually four different organizations/divisions, all of which having a specific role within the State itself: The Advisory (oversees operations and controls the entire State), the Correction Ministry (creates and executes torture methods), the Corruption Ministry (creates propaganda, organizes infiltration, and recruits new members), and the Enforcement (or Protection) Ministry (military force). All organizations have its own head-of-operations.

Head of State[]

Although not an organization, the Head of State is the overall leader of the Umbristic State. The Head of State, who is titled as "Shadow Lord", oversees all operations, commands the military, and has total control over all divisions. The current Shadow Lord is Lord Jesavich.

The Advisory[]

The Advisory oversees operations, controls most aspects of the Umbristic State, and aids the Shadow Lord in decision-making and strategizing. Consisting of seven members (and one leader), the Advisory is seen as the highest level within the State itself, due to it being right under the Shadow Lord and having almost complete control over all operations. The other leaders of every other division report to the Advisory, who then report it to the Shadow Lord. The leader of the Advisory is titled as the "Dark Adviser" or "Head Adviser", and moderates the rest of the Advisory and reports directly to the Shadow Lord. The Head Adviser also aids the rest of the Advisory in decision making. The current Head Adviser is Kalcatt. The members of the Advisory are unknown, but it is known that seven Advisers exist, and are all different races and genders.

Contrary to its name, the Advisory can take action, but must receive permission from the Shadow Lord or Head Adviser to do so.

Correction Ministry[]

One of the three primary divisions underneath the Advisory. The Correction Ministry is primarily responsible for planning out and executing torture methods to perform on the Umbristic State's prisoners and target groups. They are also tasked with carrying out the torture of their victims, and are usually more cold-hearted than any other division within the State; even the Advisory. It is notably smaller than the other divisions, and is a lot harder to be assigned to. Unlike the other two divisions beneath the Advisory, the Correction Ministry does not need approval from the Ministry for most actions, such as torture methods. The division also manages Torture Camps, and is also allowed to attack and kidnap target groups and torture them. The head of the Correction Ministry is titled as the "Deathlord", and creates, plans out, and oversees torture methods. The current Deathlord is the remorseless Plaguemaster.

Corruption Ministry[]

One of the three primary divisions underneath the Advisory. The Corruption Ministry deals with the creation and spread of propaganda. It also deals with infiltration and black ops missions, and recruitment. The Corruption Ministry specializes in turning the most loyal people into members of the Umbristic State, hence its name. Most of its actions require Advisory review and approval. It is notably larger than the Correction Ministry, but is much smaller than the Enforement Ministry. It is headed by an individual titled as the "Head-Corrupter", who is responsible for overseeing in propaganda production and recruitment. They also command infiltration missions with Advisory approval. The current Head-Corrupter is Mirage.

Enforcement Ministry[]

One of the three primary divisions underneath the Advisory. The Enforcement Ministry (sometimes referred to as the "Protection Ministry") serves as the main military force of the Umbristic State. With over 3 million members, the Enforcement Ministry is the largest of the three divisions, and is larger than the Advisory as well. It consists of the entire UMBRA military (except for Black Ops forces), which is brutally powerful in numbers and weaponry. The division is headed by an individual titled as the "Pengeneral", or just as the "General". The General commands the military force and helps strategize all military actions. The current General is unknown.

Short Description[]

The Umbristic State shows no relent when it comes to advocating their beliefs. Using brute military force and masterful strategies, the atheistic terrorist organization tears down everything that dare defies their ideologies. All races can join the Umbristic State without any issues, as long as they turn against their own leader. Before killing the people they target, they horribly torture them and try to turn them into their own.


Unbeknownst to members of the faction, the Umbristic State was created by Lord Jesavich simply as a distracting force to keep faction leaders from discovering Jesavich's true intentions, and to execute Jesavich's orders without him showing face. Jesavich sees the State as a throwaway faction to be used as fodder simply to kill and to get killed, that way he can feed on the souls of those who they kill, and those who are killed.