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Coalition.png Vienna La'fiere
Real Name
Vienna La'fiere
4 BFS; Island off the coast of Nashar
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The Coalition
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First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
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Vienna La'fiere is a Zal'nier female who is the adopted daughter of Kaldren and a member of The Coalition. After being rescued from a brutal attack on her home island, Kaldren and the Coalition had taken her in and gave her a new home. Kaldren had decided to raise her as his own, treating her like his daughter. More over, due to the Great War of Uloff, the Coalition had given her training in assassination and marksmanship, allowing her to defend herself should the time come.


Vienna was born in a Zal'nier village that was located within an island located off the coast of Nashar, Moridahn. Living with her parents and her older sister, she was given a normal life within her small village. However, when she was only 10, her village came under attack by Lord Jesavich, who carried out the attack singlehandedly. For no clear reason, the Eternal Necromancer burned the entire village, brutally slaughtering its inhabitants. Vienna and her family attempted to escape from the village, only to have the father killed while trying to defend his family.

Vienna, her mother, and her sister fled, only for her and the other two to be separated by debris. The young Zal'nier hid from the approaching Lord Jesavich, only to see her mother get caught within the Eternal Necromancer's lightning. While her sister's fate is unknown, Vienna had lost her entire family during the attack. However, after the attack, the island was investigated by the Coalition, who had rescued any surviving Zal'nier and brought them aboard their large ships.

Kaldren, the leader of the Coalition, had discovered Vienna, who was scared and alone within the rubble. He brought the young child aboard the Coalition's ship, and comforted the scared child. Wrapping her in a grey scarf, the Coalition leader had decided to take in the lone Zal'nier and raise her as his own daughter.


Vienna is a blue, two-tentacled Zal'nier with multiple dark stripes around her face. She has lavender/purple eyes and, like all Zal'nier, dark shadowing above her eyes. She wears light brown clothing, along with a grey scarf that was given to her by Kaldren.