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2nd Legion Symbol.png Warlord Bjorin
Real Name
Bjorin Thykesnev
Wrath of the Jaar
Red Warlord
24 BFS
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Political Information
2nd Legion
Factional Position
Grand Warlord of the 2nd Legion
Leadership Positions
Warlord of the Jaar
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by
Ricky Chatell
Those who stood in my way never lived to tell others on what that experience is like.

- Warlord Bjorin

Warlord Bjorin Thykesnev is a male Jaar who is the third and current Warlord of the Jaar race. He serves as a primary protagonist in all 2nd Legion storylines, a primary antagonist in all The Arbiters storylines, and a major character overall in Age of Warscape: Origins and Age of Warscape. He is also the founder and current leader of the 2nd Legion.

Bjorin is voiced by Richard "Ricky" Chatell, a primary developer of Age of Warscape.


Bjorin Thykesnev was the son of Cjorg Thykesnev, the General of the Jaar, and Nelda Thykesnev, Cjorg's wife. At a very young age, Nelda took Bjorin to an oracle to predict his future. The oracle had predicted that Bjorin was to become a leader "not of this time, but when we will need him most". The oracle stopped short, foreseeing a global war with Bjorin as one of the aggressors. The oracle then took a small can of red warpaint from his bag, and painted two lines and a lone diamond on his forehead, giving him his blessing.

Years later, Bjorin was hunting with his father in the forests of Laar. After shooting down a large moose with an arrow, Cjorg told his son that, thanks to him, they will be feasting well that night. Soon after, the Jaar Warlord, Skornjir, had approached the two. Cjorg ordered his son to go inside with his mother, so that he may speak to his boss alone. Bjorin watched as Skornjir had insulted Cjorg's teachings, and offered to teach Bjorin on how to use necromantic powers. Skornjir resurrected the deceased moose in order to display his power, which was killed again by Cjorg. Skornjir, angered by Cjorg's actions, insulted Cjorg's honour and family name. The General felt the urge to drive his axe into the old Warlord's body, but could not because his son was watching from their cabin.

Days later, Cjorg had decided to take his son hunting with two of his friends: Halgrim and Morogein. The party had then rushed into the forest, and searched for prey. Eventually, they had encountered a pack of wolves. The father handed Bjorin a sword made from stone, which was rather light for the child. The pack hadn't noticed the creeping Jaar, and just ate at a deer that had recently been hunted by them. Cjorg had commanded Bjorin to stay low and close by him, which he nodded and stayed silent, crouching next to him. Halgrim, took his knives out, as he stealthily moved towards one of them. He nods to the others, who moved in from the other sides. With that, Halgrim had lunged at one and slit its throat. The others began to attack Halgrim, ripping through his leather armor. Halgrim had stabbed another in the side, making him try to limp away, only to have it’s skull smashed in by Morogein’s hammer. Cjorg takes on the three remaining. However, Bjorin had wandered off in attempt to attack a wolf. He successfully slashed at the largest wolf’s neck, as it topples on the ground, still living. Cjorg stands in front of Bjorin and swung his axe at the two remaining. The first wolf is cleaved at the head, but the second dodges it. Yet, Halgrim leaped at it and stab it in the back of the next. In the end of the fray, Cjorg glared at Bjorin. Bjorin looks down, ashamed that he disappointed his father. Instead of getting yelled at, Cjorg smiled to his son, took his axe, and cleaved the alpha’s head from its body.

The four had made it to the trail. Halgrim, carrying one of the wolves, looks to Bjorin, and compliments him on his skill. Cjorg pats Bjorin on the shoulder, and tells him to take the wolves inside to show his mother. Bjorin acknowledged, and took the wolves into their lodge to display to Nelda. Impressed by Bjorin's skill, she told him to take it down to the capital and sell it for some gold pieces.

After taking the bodies to the capital, selling them to a butcher, and returning home with gold pieces, Bjorin and his father would hunt often. One day, Warlord Skornjir had come down to visit the Thykesnevs while Cjorg was out hunting. He demanded for Nelda to hand over Bjorin to train him to become a powerful Necromancer. Nelda resisted, and told Bjorin to run to the forest, where he would meet Halgrim. Skornjir would then insult Nelda, and kill her by taking her soul. Skornjir then demanded that Bjorin is to be hunted for, but not to be killed.

Bjorin and Halgrim had located Cjorg, who was informed on Skornjir's actions. Cjorg had then assembled a small army to dethrone Skornjir, calling it The Legion. This had failed, as Skornjir had the upper hand. Cjorg, Bjorin, and his men were exiled from Strog'ar. The group then landed on Gaderon, and began to recreate their civilization and expand their people. Eventually becoming an entire race, the Jaar had crowned Cjorg as the Warlord of the Jaar race, now regarding Skornjir's corrupted Jaar as Faljaar. However, Cjorg's rule was soon to be cut short, as a new threat in the northeast had taken notice in the Jaar.

When the Humans came to investigate the Jaar (which they heard were a new species), the Humans attacked the Jaar. Cjorg attempted to defend against the Human attack, lead by King Ron, but was slain in battle. Swearing vengeance, Bjorin ascended to his father's place as Warlord of the Jaar. Bjorin learned of the fact that King Ron had an ascending son named Earnet, and planned to have him assassinated to get revenge on King Ron. However, King Ron was poisoned before Bjorin can have the assassination take place, and Earnet took the throne. After Earnet established The Arbiters, Bjorin took Earnet's action as a Decleration of War, established the 2nd Legion, and planned to destroy the Humans once and for all.-


Bjorin is much larger than the average Jaar, and has a shorter beard than the average Jaar's beard. He has long, dark-blonde hair, blue eyes, and a dark grey/blonde beard. He also has red war paint on his face, which consists of two lines across his eyes, and a rhombus on his forehead. His armour his heavily plated, which consists of many different types of metals. He also will normally carry around a war-axe, which he regards as important and as a life-necessity.


Bjorin has a slightly charismatic personality, and is highly aggressive to those who oppose him. He typically shows little to no mercy, and will do almost anything to achieve victory. Bjorin is known to have no sympathy to the weak, and believes that those who cannot fight do not deserve to be given mercy. Despite his intimidating appearance and personality, he has a great regard to the safety and security of his people.


  • Bjorin's voice actor, Ricky Chatell, portrays his character in a teaser trailer for Age of Warscape.
  • The Warlord was the first character to have been added to the Age of Warscape series.


Warlord Cjorg
Warlord of the Jaar
Position Established
Leader of the 2nd Legion