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Real Name
The Nightmare of Uloff, The Nightmare, Evil, Hate, Soul Snatcher, Night-terror, Child Killer
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Blue, luminescent
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Political Information
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
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It's not my fault people die... they just have such fragile souls...
- Xanthriax

Xanthriax (commonly referred to as The Nightmare of Uloff or just The Nightmare) is a male creature that serves as a secondary antagonist in all storylines. He is a cheerful, yet horrific and demonic creature who has the ability to feed off of one's nightmares, steal said nightmares, and inflict nightmares on somebody else. However, his abilities are known to, likely accidentially, scramble and kill one's soul and brain, resulting in the death of his victim. He is also responsible for the corruption of the town of Talonvale and the creation of the Corrupted Dryad.

Xanthriax's voice actor is unknown, and has yet to be announced.


Xanthriax had first began to appear back in the times of primal Jaar, upon the continent of Strog'ar. However, at this time, Xanthriax was weak in power, and had no effect on society around him. He mainly hid in the shadows, and watched the Jaar build up their civilizations.

During the corruption of Strog'ar, Xanthriax began to grow in power due to the rise in fear and terror within the Jaar race. The creature then was able to enter an individual's dreams, corrupt them into nightmares, and feed off the victim's fear. Using this power, he began to cause chaos amoungst the Jaar who did not practice Necromancy, which allowed the ones who did practice Necromancy, the Faljaar, to gain an advantage over their non-practicing counterparts. With this, the Faljaar were able to overpower the normal Jaar, and exile all non-practicers out of Strog'ar (including Jaar general Cjorg Thykesnev, after he attempted to attack the Faljaar capital).

Xanthriax had then moved to the small town of Talonvale, in which a group of Dryad inhabited. The creature had then begun to kill and attack the Dryad, and corrupt them into rotten versions of themselves: the Corrupted Dryad. From that point on, Xanthriax began to spread to the continents of Gaderon and Moridahn, and use his power to cause fear and terror amoungst the innocent lives of Uloff.


Xanthriax looks very similar to that of a Human. A notable feature is that he is made of a black-coloured ink/gel-like liquid, which is slightly solidified to form his body. He has what appears to be slicked back hair, luminescent blue eyes, and two horn-like objects that float just above his head. He also lacks in a neck, causing his head to "float" above his body.

Xanthriax seems to wear a tuxedo, which is shown by a white bowtie, white velvet-lined gloves, along with other details that give the illusion of his formal attire. He also seems to wear black dress-shoes.

The creature also commonly holds a cane, and is sometimes depicted wearing a tophat.


Xanthriax, despite his demonic nature, is unusually cheerful. He seems to always be in a bright mood, and seems to never get mad or depressed. The creature is also known to have little to no mercy or regret, and will continue his actions without hesitation.

He also enjoys the pain and suffering of his victims, and loves to see them in fear or terror.


  • Xanthriax's name comes from the word "Anthrax", which is a rare but deadly disease