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Emperor Biasniel

The Zal'nier are a highly intelligent race that live on Uloff's largest moon: Zal'rom. Unlike the ten races on Uloff, the Zal'nier live in modernity. These individuals are not allied with any faction, and are not found in any faction (and rarely on Uloff itself).


Ever since Uloff and its three moons were created, the Zal'nier inhabited the Zal'rom moon and thrived there since. While the ten races were building on Uloff, the Zal'nier have been creating large cities across the surface of Zal'rom. Because of the race's extreme intelligence, they were able to establish high levels of technology, and bring the race to modernity (unlike the races on Uloff). The Zal'nier have also established an imperial government, and elected Emperor Biasniel as their leader. However, the Zal'nier rarely visit Uloff or Earth, and will only do so for political or exploration reasons.

As the Zal'nier create new technology and expand/improve on their cities, the god Ohm'Brahman takes notice in this advanced race. He descended upon Emperor Biasniel, gave him the Sword of Haed'Vishnu, and instructed Bianiel to never let the sword fall into the wrong hands, as its power can wipe out an entire solar system. Biasniel hid the sword within Zal'rom, and made sure that nobody, not even his people or advisors, knew of its existence.


The Zal'nier are humanoid in appearance, and have a wide range of skin pigmentations (which can be any colour on the colour wheel). They typically have a height of 6 feet in males, and 5 feet in females. Zal'nier also are easily identified by tentacle-like appendages that protrude from the back (sometimes the side) of one's head, which can vary from 2-6 appendages on an individual (sometimes more than six can grow). These appendages serve as an extension to one's brain, which improves sensory, brain development, and intelligence. These also allow for them to foresee upcoming motions (such as attacks), discover where a sound is coming from, and learn much faster than any other race. They can also be identified by their wide range of eye colours, small fangs used to help chew, slightly-sharper fingernails (compared to that of a Human's), Various ear-types (ranges from regular, horn, or hole shaped), inability to grow body hair (except eyebrows and eyelashes in both genders and facial hair in men, despite facial hair in men being extremely hard to grow and is usually genetic. In females, facial hair is impossible), and shadowing around the eyes (especially in females).


Most Zal'nier attempt to avoid conflict and will usually not attack first, unless provoked or needing to defend one's self. They attempt to negotiate before switching to more aggressive decisions. However, just because Zal'nier do not attack first does not mean they can't do any harm. Most Zal'nier are highly-trained in combat, and use highly thought-out tactics, their advanced-senses, and lethal attack patterns to attack an opponent.

Zal'nier rarely travel away from Zal'rom, and are hard to find on Uloff.


The Zal'nier operate under an imperialistic government, and are lead by Emperor Biasniel. Biasniel is a quiet leader, and will rarely answer to anyone outside of Zal'rom, unless it is for political or urgent reasons. Biasniel deeply cares for his people, and will do anything to make sure that they are happy and safe.